The Common Market is anything but common – it is a darn nuisance!

The latest surge of daft proposals reducing the wattage of electrical appliances is plain bonkers in my opinion.  Why do they seek to reduce the effectiveness of labour saving aspects of our household equipment?

According to BBC Berkshire the EEC has been in touch with manufacturers for some years working on the vacuum cleaner idea. The idiots have agreed to it.  Perhap because of the surge it has now caused with people panic buying up all their old stock.

I did not vote for the Common Market, I did not vote for the Mayor of London.

I think the coalition goverment is weak letting people pour in over our borders and also going along with all the daft conservation ideas of the EEC in Brussels.

Our Parliament is in London, not Brussels!

By the way in conclusion, I have found a way of offsetting the effect of plastic bags being charged at 5p a time. I am collecting a few bags now each time I shop, so that I have a store when they cost money!



Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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