Spam Emails be careful = mind you they are easy to spot!

How easy it is to spot scam emails, the people must be illiterate!

Here is one that seems to be caught by Google Spam quite regularly

I have taken the link that they ask you to click on and the subject title which referred to a part of a man’s body!  Interesting this does not look like the email I pasted in to this post on the blog!  It asked for me to click on the link “BELLOW”


¥êμHΧAwË35PRª7oBEθýAΚLwLAö4 xPùPQÕEE6k〉N7å∀Ît®iSNlD ¿b∝PψäJÍ¡M5L4ïoLï83SQΖuInsisted that ye are going public school. Do about their own age of something.
Since chuck who will be sure.
Laughed mike garner was too busy with. Down to mom said janice. Replied charlie wanted was making that.
Dear god really sorry for my mind. Answered jerome took out of music room.
os4CÐ〉¬lÁÑ1iΚ«Îcν3QkNûÍ ƒ2’o¶gÈnψN3 m¯bt¦X9h8õleÖεm ⌈b1A93Yt´w­tµŸäa¥B0c↑ÑGhwè¾mÝ2lePtSnolÁt²2­ 4fqBAφ8eℜOplÅaçlæ0Ïog4mw»Ýj:28ïWhispered something that ye may be ashamed. Mumbled charlie passed away from. Besides the young woman in that.

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Well enough for what they. Actually going to meet his chair.


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