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The other Wireless Waffle site makes an interesting view that Digital Terrestial Television could be turned off. I always felt that the medium was flawed, this started when we had Ondigital. We were one of the first to have it because it was extended to all BBC staff at a small discount. Reception was variable, when it rained the picture and sound broke up, similarly when it was windy. I had a special aerial installed to received this, in several houses. I always found that certain channels were always prone to glitching. Cable works well, but sadly this is a monopoly held by Virgin. Virgin do deliver a superb picture and sound at all times, but it works out rather expensive to get more than the basic channels. I had free to air satellite reception about 8 years ago, and that worked well except in rain, and the interference was no where as bad as on Terrestial TV through an aerial. I have come to applaud Freesat, which offers On Demand services though my Internet. I do however realise that it will not be easy to persuaded some people how to use different digital platforms. Locally an installer confided with me that some people need a lot of help coming to terms with Sky etc, they are not on the same “wavelength”. I would like to see Terrestial TV close down, but not to enable Ofcom and the Government to profit by re-using the wavelengths by selling them to Telephone or other entrepreneurs.

Radio Sutch mentioned before on this blog, continues to be a very entertaining rock and roll station. Lord Sutch would have bee very proud of this if he was still alive.

Radio Caroline Extra must have been pipe-dream that will never come true. There is already a station on the air with the same name, but definitely not the sister station to the orginal Radio Caroline.

Sarah Walker did a breakfast show instead of Andrew Peach on Tuesday, on BBC Radio Berkshire. Impressed with her show. Andrew Peach is a real gem, and so is Howard Hughes who reads the news at breakfast time. Suzanne Courtney does some fabulous Vox Pops from all over the borough. It is incredible that although I live in Oxfordshire now, the reception is better from Radio Berkshire than Oxford.

News selected by the Waffler from Radio Today site

Premier Christian Radio has raised over £330,000 through its six day May Radiothon to help keep the station on the air.

It will contribute to the £550,000 it needs to raise by the end of June – half of the £1.1million it has to raise each year to stay on the air.

A single donation of $20,000 was made by American Christian leader Tony Campolo, helping the twice-yearly fund-raising event to reach a new record high of nearly £331,000.

A record 3,600 calls and nearly 800 web donations were received, including many £1,000 gifts, and hundreds of testimonials were broadcast throughout the appeal from listeners who wanted to thank Premier for support and comfort after bereavements, illness, depression and other family problems. Many described how Premier Christian Radio helps them to overcome loneliness and has become a ‘church and community’ for the housebound and disabled.

The Together Now’ ‘fund-raising programme is staged in May and November each year, when Premier’s presenters appeal for cash donations to raise money for the station’s national transmission fund which helps keep it on the air throughout the UK and on digital radio.

Premier’s CEO, Peter Kerridge, described the level of donations as a magnificent demonstration of support from listeners to Britain’s largest Christian broadcaster.

“Listening to the very many testimonials from supporters over the past few days, it’s clear that we play an important role in so many people’s lives. It is both humbling and inspiring to see the difference Premier makes,” he said. “Thanks to the commitment of our donors, we will be able to help more people to put their faith at the heart of everyday life and bring Christ to their communities.”


Viking FM’s Million Pounds of Work Campaign has returned for a fourth year to help get local people back to work.

The service provides information and advice for anyone seeking and gaining employment, and has promoted and found listeners over £7 million pounds of work during previous years.

The Bauer Media station offers companies in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire free jobs ads via its website, and sponsor Hallmark Solicitors is offering employers a free two hour employment law audit.

Prime Minister, David Cameron is backing the campaign, saying: “I would totally back that. I think what is needed is encouraging firms to take people on, encouraging people to set out and start up their own businesses. That’s exactly what your campaign is doing and that’s what the Government’s trying to back.”

John Harding, Content Director says: “In these tough economic times, we’re looking for your help to support Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and get as many people back to work as possible. We’ll do our best to provide the support, the information and the encouragement.”

The campaign is also run on Viking FM’s sister station Magic 1161.

Barry from Watford appears on BBC WM

A recording of a spoof phone call by comedian Alex Lowe posing as Barry from Watford on BBC WM is going viral on social networks.

Alex, who has been a regular on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show and Iain Lee’s Absolute Radio show, appeared on Iain Lee’s new WM show recently talking about minty biscuits.

He chatted with a caller who was describing her reasons for parking in a Disabled Bay. Barry calls in to put his own take on it and to extol the virtues of a Viscount Biscuit.

When we asked him about the call, Barry from Watford told RadioToday: “The issue of misusing blue badges has long occupied me. But more than that, I have a keen interest in minty biscuits. I decided to phone Iain Lee on his phone in show to raise a much needed point about purchasing this baked afternoon treat. I am delighted to have highlighted this issue in my own small way. Thank you.”

Mark Goodier tweeted the link saying: “This is RADIO GOLD”. One comment on the video, which has had 70,000 plays, says “Well that was the most British thing ever”.

Barry currently has his own show on the new subscription radio comedy channel Fubar Radio. Hear the audio above or app users go here.

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BBC host Colin Bloomfield battles cancer


BBC Radio Derby Breakfast Show presenter Colin Bloomfield has shared news with listeners that his cancer has spread to his brain and he may only have months to live.

Colin is being honest and open about it on-air and online in a bid to raise awareness of his particular type of cancer, which is Melanoma.

He tweeted the news this week saying “Thank-you for all the messages I’ve had on here tonight. Unfortunately the cancer has spread to my brain, but I remain hopeful.”


As well as presenting Breakfast since March last year, Colin has always been heavily involved in the sport output of the station and is popular with Derby County fans. In tribute to Colin, fans are planning a minute’s applause for him during Derby County’s match against QPR in the Championship Play Offs Final at Wembley on Saturday evening. Reflecting the age of the presenter, the tribute is planned to take place during the 31st minute of the match.

Popular voiceover Hal Douglas dies at 90

America VO Hal Douglas, famous for his movie trails and radio promos has died at his Virginia home.

In the UK, Hal most recently voiced a number of promos for Real Radio’s Renegade promotion but was well known in production studios around the world for his commercials and trailers.

He was a regular voice on Disney trails and also featured in a video trailer for Comedian, a documentary that features Jerry Seinfeld, along with the “5 guys in a limo” video.

Last year he recorded a short documentary called “A Great Voice“.

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The Bay celebrates its 21st birthday this month with new imaging from Ignite Jingles.

The new package consist of seven full jingle themes along with cuts for breakfast, news, weather and an hour opener..

Phil Rodgers, Programme Controller of The Bay: “These new jingles have freshened the sound of The Bay in time for our 21st birthday. My presentation team love using them, and they fit our varied playlist perfectly. Chris and his team listened to what we wanted, and have created an amazing jingle package for The Bay.”

Founder and Creative Director of Ignite Jingles, Chris Stevens told RadioToday: “We’re very proud of this new jingle package, and we’re excited that it’s now in the open. We’ve worked with The Bay for a number of years, and are delighted to extend this relationship well into the station’s 21st year on the air. Happy Birthday The Bay, and happy new jingles!”

The station also launched a dedicated “21 years in pictures” page on its website, featuring hundreds of station and presenter photographs from over the years.

The 21st Birthday was marked by a number of events, on and off air, including the return of The station’s biggest competition, The Phantom of The Bay, over the weekend of 1st and 2nd March. The station even had an airplane banner saying “The Phantom of The Bay – On Air Now!” seen across North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Managing Director of The Bay, Bill Johnston, said: “At 21, The Bay continues to go from strength to strength. We have just returned our highest audience figures in over 12 years and our success as a station is testament to the fact that first and foremost we are dedicated to the communities we broadcast to.”

“We Are Gem” sings new Gem 106 jingles

Wise Buddah has just completed a new package of jingles for Orion Media’s Gem 106.

The brand new custom ID package includes six main IDs, plus show cuts for Breakfast, Floorfillers and Back to the 80s. Wise Buddah says they are designed to reflect today’s Adult Contemporary artists such as Katy Perry and Bruno Mars, whilst also being able to sit comfortably next to the classic hits of the 80s and 90s.

David Lloyd, Group Editorial Director, Orion Media: “Once again Wise Buddah have risen to the challenge with great work for Gem 106. It shines through on air and does the job, whilst complementing what we do. Produced painlessly too – with WB’s typical efficiency – and tolerance of all those last minute thoughts!”

Paul Plant, Director, Wise Buddah Jingles: “It’s always such an effortless pleasure working with David and the Team at Orion Media. These new cuts sit perfectly with the eclectic and uplifting playlist of Gem 106, and we’re proud of our heritage with one of the UK’s best commercial radio brands.”

Listen above or click here for the Soundcloud link.

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More ReelWorld jingles for The Breeze

Celador Radio Group has updated the on air sound of The Breeze network with a new package of jingles from ReelWorld Europe.

The Breeze 2014 combines jingles from the ReelWorld ONE AC service, Fresh, KVIL, and Radio Norge packages and airs on all 15 stations across The Breeze network.

James Stodd is Senior Producer at Celador: “Since introducing ReelWorld jingles last year they’ve become an integral part of our station sound. We decided to introduce a fresher sound for our new update and the team at ReelWorld made this process really simple.

“Whilst the cuts we chose are from a range of stations, from the US to Europe, they worked really hard to give the whole package a coherent sound. The vocal sound is fresher, the tracks more contemporary, and the finished results are fantastic!”

ReelWorld has also created custom out of break sequences allowing The Breeze to include show or sponsor credits in the branding.

ReelWorld’s European Managing Director Anthony Gay said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with James and the team at Celador again. The Breeze 2014 update shows the depth of our jingle library as well as the way we can customise re-sings exactly to the client’s tastes, even down to removing individual instruments if required.”

The company has also updated the websites for their Production Vault service with enhanced functionality as well as targeted European content.


Contraband Media rebrands Planet Rock

Planet Rock has a new sound from Contraband Media, consisting of new musical themed stagers and idents featuring guitars, feedback and white noise.

“The brief was to produce a sound that captured both the on-stage and in-studio essence of a Rock band. A distinct sound not heard on UK Radio was required, so traditional Jingles were a ‘no go.’ The team used authentic Rock sounds, dirty atmospherics, white noise, ear piercing feedback and screaming guitars to achieve this,” said Adam Burgess, Contraband Media Director.

On top of these themes, Contraband Media also produced a bespoke Sound Design and ID package for the Bauer Media station.

Ric Blaxill, Music And Content Director at Planet Rock said: “Planet Rock has never had a traditional Jingle package. So when we decided to introduce some new Imaging to air, it was a challenge to maintain and develop the distinct sonic identity the station has.

“We wanted to create Rock music landscapes using authentic sounds of instruments and the recording studio atmosphere. The themes had to capture the true essence of Rock music!”

Adam added: “It was a thrill to work with the talented team at Planet Rock. Plus it was great excuse to plug in the ‘Red Special’, a beautiful replica of the famous guitar wielded but the legendary Queen axeman, Brian May. As you can imagine, when you’re creating audio for such an exciting brand it often doesn’t feel like work at all”.


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