Pictorial Musings

To start off,  a recent unintentional picture taken by my mobile phone. Over the years, starting off with an instamatic camera, then a Practica LTL SLR camera, on to digital cameras,these occasionals nasties emerge. I am wearing my imitation crocs in the garden here!


There are a great number of May Flies around at the moment where I live.  They seem to like landing on me when I am painting the house walls. Unlike smaller insects they seem not to get encased in wet paint that is drying on a wall!

IMAG0254[1]My wife and I both bought the “sandwich maker” pictured above (blue handles) at an Ideal Home Exhibition in the early 70s.  They wasted a lot of bread but you could put eggs in them, and baked beans etc!  Somehow one has survived and entered a local Oxfam shop!

IMAG0250[1]Even if you have a great deal of money and can afford to own a boat, you cannot stop ducks and geese leaving their visiting cards on your cover to keep the rain etc off!

IMAG0191[1]A lovely Bumble Bee spotted by yours truly!

IMAG0256[1]Some interesting pictures and posters in a local collectable shop

IMAG0196[1]This appears to be one of the “bad” type of ladybird, with too many spots………………. sorry I am not an expert!  Email the site if you know any more about this insect (put a comment on the site please to let me know)

IMAG0277[1]A mother duck with her ducklings feeding on the side of the River – very sweet and trusting!

Below is a very old game, which somebody has chosen to draw a pair of glasses on an otherwise vintage style game box in a charity shop in a nearby town.


Some vintage clothes in a local collectable shop

DSCF3798Finally this time a caterpillar I discovered crawling from behind one of the gutters on my house!  Pretty little thing!  Pictured on a plastic chair!





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