Pictorial Musings

IMAG0125[1]A lovely name for an Indian Tandoori Restaurant!

IMAG0127[1]Don’t be fooled by appearances.  The back was non existent on this beauty of a radio.  It also does not work, but pretty it is with it’s non working magic eye tuner on the top left!

IMAG0065[1]A rather cheeky print by Jack Vettriano, spotted by me through a very reflective window.

IMAG0129[1]A lovely jazzy shirt in a shop window. Believe it or not in the 70s I used to wear shirts rather like this. They were called “Rave” shirts to my memory.  I also had a pair of jeans from C&A with bells on the flares.  They were called “Jingly Joes” or something like that.

IMAG0131[1] IMAG0132[1]Ken and Barbie have a special date in the window of a local jewellers.

IMAG0150[1]At the other end of the scale, a lovely looking radio which probably is deaf to many frequencies, on sale in our local Thursday Market.

IMAG0141[1]As a child I preferred to play Ludo, snakes and ladders is such a pointless game, just as soon as you climb a latter, you have to slide down a snake!  Lovely old Ludo box here in a local charity store.

IMAG0153[1]I wonder if you have met any remarkable trees recently!  Please pop into your local Oxfam book store and snap this one up!

IMAG0220[1]A rather lovely rabbit door top, loaded into our shopping trolley, on to a new life via a local charity shop!

IMAG0194[1]A lovely sight that I can see on my walk to the shops – nature at it’s very best!


This is how to rich pass their time. In a pet shop window a device to fire a tennis ball for your dog to catch!

IMAG0222[1]To conclude, a childhood memory. Pelham Puppets were all the rage in the 60’s.  I cannot work out though why my parents bought me a fairy puppet for my birthday. Maybe they were cheaper?

A treat on the same theme from You Tube!



Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

2 thoughts on “Pictorial Musings”

  1. Hello, I am a pelham puppet collector and would love to know which Oxfam it is that you saw the cow pelham puppet? Thanks so much! Great blog!

    1. I think the puppet was in the Henley on Thames shop, but it was not there last time I looked. Failing that it may have been in the Marlow Shop. Perhaps a call to both of these may come up with a lead. Thank you for your comments.

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