Pictorial Comments

After some lovely sunshine the March weather seems to have turned into something like Spring. Lots of short sharp showers, and this Sunday hailstones.


A rather jolly children’s ride at High Wycombe bus station. I wish I was young again!


One good reason for having a mobile phone, the telephone boxes can be smelly, dank. places!

A few weeks ago we were on holiday in Malta. I can recommend this company in Sliema. The people serving on the stall were very friendly as well and spoke impeccable English

One of my children’s favourite toys in the 80s were Playmobil characters – here is a great one in Malta airport!



A lovely sports car that I see around about my home town.


A lovely sixties radio I found in Lambs Arcade, Wallingford. A popular suitcase format of the time!

I haven’t seen a video for such a long time. This was in a local charity shop, great subject matter, but it looks so odd in these days of DVDs and Blu Ray discs

Gerry Anderson has left a fantastic catalogue behind him with all the shows he produced.
When my children were growin up in the 80s he produced Terrahawks which was slightly wackier than the other productions.

The tiles used by Terrahawks – Radio Monique used the Terrahawks theme in the 80s as its theme tune – great stuff!

To end this extract a You Tube video showing deleted scenes from the Terrahawks DVD. At the very end is the villan Zelda – quite scary for young children!


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