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First, I would like to sympathise with the millions of people in the country affected by flooding. I pray that the Govermnent stop sending aid abroad and address this issue for once and all.

Photo1229 - Copy

Phonograph cylinders were the earliest commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound. Commonly known simply as “records” in their era of greatest popularity (c. 1888–1915), these cylinder shaped objects had an audio recording engraved on the outside surface which could be reproduced when the cylinder was played on a mechanical phonograph. The competing disc-shaped gramophone record system triumphed in the market place to become the dominant commercial audio medium in the 1910s, and commercial mass production of phonograph cylinders ended in 1929. (extract from Wikipedia)

Photo1201 - Copy

A rather cute little digger, situated in one of our local streets

Photo1197 - Copy

I spotted this large box in a local street, mistook it for a cable or telephone cabinet, then looked up the Signal web site and found this out

Based at 2 UK sites and represented across the globe, Signal Group design, manufacture and support a wide range of emissions equipment.

Products include fixed and portable CEMS, Air Quality Monitoring systems and automotive exhaust emissions systems.

Signal Group offers the complete package with bespoke solutions to project management and ongoing service contracts.

The Instruments division, based near London is focused on combustion emissions, automotive applications and VOC measurement, while the Ambitech division in Oxford has its expertise in Gas Turbine Power Station emissions and ambient Air Quality Monitoring.

Photo1195 - Copy

A really naff offering in a charity shop. It does not look as if it is a recent product either.  I would advise you to keep hold of the wire hangers.

Photo1194 - Copy

A lovely nautical scene on a jigsaw box in a local charity shop!

Photo1111 - Copy

As a child I was treated to a stage version of Mikado at the Golders Green Hippodrome, I remember quite enjoying it!  Also when I was at work I visited it once to deliver some tape to a recording studio there.

This You Tube Video is rather good, a kind of complaint about people on a list – put them on the list, and they will never be missed

Photo1140 - Copy

Anthony Newley Album found in a local charity shop.

Below are some books that I think I read when I was young!  My friend Tony used to have Hornby railway set just like the one below. Buccaneer was one of my favourite games, even before Pirate Radio was around in the sixties!  Biggles is also a great childhood memory for me.  Thanks to our local charity shops for these gems, also the people who donated them!
Photo1143 - Copy

Photo1144 - Copy

Photo1193 - Copy

Photo1105 - Copy


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