JJ Wetherspoons in High Wycombe lets the side down (in my opinion)

I went into the Wetherspoon’s in High Wycombe today. It is called The William Robert Loosley.

There were only two staff on duty, one behind the bar and one serving food.  Both were charming and polite and helpful.  That was appreciated, but it was so evident that the staff were under stress due to lack of support.

My Ham and Cheese toastie was not fit for purpose.  It must have had about 3/4 of a processed cheese slice in it.  When I have eaten at other branches of Wetherspoons they are in thicker bread and the cheese is oozing out of the sandwich.  Nothing wrong with the hygiene standards of what was served up or the warmth of it.

The final straw was a visit to the Gents.  It smelt of urine, in fact the smell was overpowering.

I mentioned all this to the staff on duty and said I thought they were coping well, and I was sorry to have to bring these things to their attention.

I note that it is listed on a web site as a Lloyds Bar, maybe these are of lower standard?


Photo1183 Photo1184

Why have I posted this information an pictures online?   I rang up their customer service when I got home and the lady took down the details, promised to report these matters to the area supervisor.  I asked for some compensation, but I was told they never gave compensation.  I can make a better toasted sandwich at home, but Wetherspoons can do much better in other branches.

If Wetherspoons would care to post a comment and reply to these points please feel free to do so, other than that stand as charged.




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