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At my new home in Oxfordshire there has never been a better call for the retention of FM radio. DAB is very poor so far, in fact non existent. I do admit that I have only turned on the DAB radio on for a few minutes and it found no stations on a quick scan. Pure Radio’s are normally good at receiving stations.

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Eastwood made MD for Real Radio Yorkshire


Bauer Media’s former Yorkshire MD Tracy Eastwood is joining the possibly-for-sale Real Radio Yorkshire as Managing Director.

Tracy, who will join the station on 3rd February, started her radio career 18 years ago with Metro Radio Group and has spent the last 16 years working with Bauer Media in the North West and Yorkshire, holding positions of Sales and Commercial Director and Station Director. For the last five years, Tracy was Regional Managing Director across the Yorkshire region. She left in October last year after a re-shuffle of management.

Global Radio now owns Real Radio Yorkshire and the company must decide whether to sell that, or younger cross-town sibling Capital Yorkshire. An announcement on this is widely expected in the next couple of weeks.

Local Sales Director for Real and Smooth Radio Ltd, Alison Forshaw told RadioToday: “Tracy joins Real Radio with a wealth of experience and knowledge, of both business and the Yorkshire market place and a great reputation with clients. I have no doubt that she will be fundamental to the continued success of Real Radio Yorkshire and we all look forward to welcoming Tracy to the team.”

On her new appointment Tracy said: “I’m delighted to be joining the Real Radio team and I’m looking forward to making a significant contribution to the business, the team and the future development of the business in Yorkshire.”

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 11:53. (C) RadioToday

Juice 107.2 starts a new show today called Brighton Nights – a show dedicated to Brighton’s live performance, arts and culture scene.

The station has hired comedian Romesh Ranganathan for the gig and content will include local guests and what’s on information.

Romesh Ranganathan is a Sussex born stand-up comedian and actor has appeared on Mock the Week, Soccer AM, Russell Howard’s Good News, and Sweat the Small Stuff. He was also nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2013 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and is currently a regular on Stand Up for the Week.

Romesh said: “I started off my stand-up career in the venues of Brighton and have had so many brilliant experiences here. I’m really looking forward to broadcasting to the good people of Brighton every week night.”

Programme Manager at Juice 107.2 Tony Marks told RadioToday: “We’ve been fans of Romesh from the local comedy scene for ages now and always knew it was only a matter of time before we started seeing him all over the TV. We are delighted to welcome him to the Juice 107.2 team and have no doubt that his show will be a brilliant listen.”

The show is sponsored by Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival, where CEO Andrew Comben said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Juice 107.2 to bring this new and exciting arts and culture resource to the city. We are sure that it will be an exciting platform to showcase both touring and local talents and give arts and cultural organisations across the city a great opportunity to reach new audiences and help us to jointly develop fantastic content for the show. We hope that lots of people will tune in to hear more about all the great range of events taking place here in Brighton & Hove.”

Jason Edge, Marketing Director at Mayo Wynne Baxter said: “We have worked with Juice 107.2 for many years now and we are delighted to be associated with this exciting new show.”

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 13:12. (C) RadioToday

UTV’s talkSPORT is starting a new feature in Hawksbee and Jacobs afternoon show until the end of the football season.

Footballer of the Month, sponsored by Crown Decorating Centres, will see the presenters pick their player of the month and listeners will be asked to guess the player from a commentary clip of a goal with the footballer’s name bleeped out. Winners will be selected at random each month to win £250 worth of Crown Decorating Centre vouchers. As well as the competition, the partnership will be supported with on-air trails and advertising online.

Adam Mills, talkSPORT Sales Director, said: “As the football season moves towards another exciting climax, we’re guaranteed some spectacular goals. We know talkSPORT listeners have unrivalled football knowledge and passion and I’m sure the Footballer of the Month competition will receive a lot of interest. It’s great for us to have Crown Decorating Centres on board for this brilliant new partnership.”

Paula Taylor, Marketing Manager at Crown Decorating Centres, said: “We think talkSPORT can prove to be one of the best mediums to reach our key target audience.

“It’s now the biggest sports radio station in the world, so it’s an important channel of communication through which we can talk to tradesmen.

The deal was made through PHD Manchester.

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 14:06. (C) RadioToday

Radio duo in Coach Trip reality TV show


Two presenters from Salford City Radio are to appear on Channel 4′s reality television show Coach Trip.

Mark Kelly and his partner Kelly Roughley, who host the station’s Drive show, lasted two weeks before being voted off.

The show starts tonight and Mark told the Manchester Evening News: “We don’t usually do public transport so being on Coach Trip was a totally different experience for us.

Catch them on Channel 4 at 17:30.

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 16:42. (C) RadioToday

Tony Blackburn tells his life story on TV


Tony Blackburn, who will be celebrating 50 years in radio this year, is to appear on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories in a couple of weeks.

The presenter looks back at his life and career which includes launching Radio 1 in 1967 and, more recently, being banned from the airwaves for playing Cliff Richard’s records.

Tony talks about how he developed an addiction to Valium, following his high-profile split from actress Tessa Wyatt.

Other revelations include romping with a girlfriend in Frank Sinatra’s London flat and saving fellow DJ Kenny Everett’s life.

Tony also reveals that one of his chat-up lines was to invite girls back to his home to admire his 1.9 metre, rotating satellite dish.

Watch Tony with Piers on ITV, Wednesday 7th February at 9pm.

Posted on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 at 12:12. (C) RadioToday

A light hearted but well written post on Mark’s Blog

Was ‘Internet’ First Used For A Transistor Radio?

Although it’s not something I specifically collect, I’ve always had a fondness for early technology. It must have developed out of working with scientific and optical instruments when I worked at Bonhams and Sotheby’s. If I see something that tickles my fancy and I can afford it, I’ll add it to one of my many different collections.
Passing through Amsterdam just before Christmas, the Banker and I stopped by Roerende-Zaken in the famous ’9 Streets’. As we were just about to leave (unusually) empty-handed, we spotted this portable transistor radio in a cabinet. It wasn’t the radio itself that stopped us in our tracks, but the name – Internet.
Transistor radios like this were first released in 1954, and were produced in vast quantities during the 1960s & 70s. This example probably dates from the late-1960s to around 1970, considering the design of the box. This is an extremely interesting date when the name is considered.
Nobody knows exactly when the word ‘internet’ was first used, or who coined it, but it appears to have been from 1883 onwards, when it was used as an adjective or verb to describe interconnected motions. It was seemingly first used as a noun in 1977, when demonstrations of the early ARPAD and SATNET networks were held by pioneers Vint Cerfand Bob Kahn. It wasn’t commonly used by the likes of you and I until the late-1990s, nearly a decade after Tim Berners-Lee developed the thing it actually indicates.
Internet Transistor RadioSo, this makes this radio one of the very first proper and public uses of the word internet, and one that predates the development of world-changing thing itself!
As we sat over a warming glass of red wine, the Banker and I mused over whether the (now long-gone) radio company who imported it ever trademarked or copyrighted the word. After all, it’s in their name ‘Internet Radio Product Ltd’ too. Can you imagine if they did, and if one could buy the rights to the name? Of course, it’s a ridiculous thought and quite unenforceable, but it’s somewhat amusing!
But, looking again, there’s even more connection with today’s internet age. The cream case, flat upright format, rounded corners, and ‘screen’-like black tuning display all recall Jonathan Ive’s now legendary design for the iPod. The Internet radio even has white earphones! I’m not accusing Ive of copying it of course, but the resemblance is striking and I wonder if these mid-century portable transistor radios (which often look alike) were an influence on his design.
SONY DSCI was also very fond of the fact that it was complete with its instructions, warranty card, plastic protection pouch, earphone and box. These revealed that the company imported the radio from Hong Kong, and were based in Beckenham in Kent. It seems even back then Chinese imports were inaccurate, as the town is spelt ‘Beekenham’ on the warranty card! The box is a little dirty and battered, so the €20 (£17/$27) price tag seemed very fair to me. It’s not something I’d sell, I just like it.
I’ve always thought that early computers, games, calculators and digital electronics should be more sought-after than they are in general. All it would take is for some of today’s ‘tech billionaires’ such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Pierre Omidyar of eBay, or Bill Gates of Microsoft to start collecting. Despite the fact that they seemingly don’t, one of the very first Apple computers sold for £320,000 at auction in November 2012, against an original (and still high) cost of $666.66 back in 1976. Given its incredibly early use of one of the most commonly used and important words across the globe today, I wonder what my Internet transistor radio might fetch in the future?!


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