Pictorial Musings



The juke box above reminds me of one that we had in our office when I worked at the BBC, ours was filled with specially recorded 7 inch singles.  Sadly this one in a local cafe has cd’s in it !




I thought that my local cafe in Pinner was the only one that could do a leaf design on a coffee – here is one crafted in our new home town!  They call this a flat top!  Better than a cappuccino, foam on top but much more coffee and no chocolate on top!






A great table lamp here in a local cafe – looks like a pile of cups!




An LP aimed at men folk!  Found in my local Oxfam Music and Book Store!




Sir Cliff has a long history behind here, he looks so young on this LP in my local Oxfam Music and Book Store



A lovely old Eagle Annual in a local charity shop!  I have got a new book which has covers and articles from early editions.




This is the sort of book that I enjoyed as a child – I even had an Airfix toy rifle like the one Biggles is carrying. It was a prototype for the toy made by a clever man who lived in the same road as us.






This is what happens when you carry a mobile phone in your hand with the camera still turned on, as you walk!

A bit late, but courtesy of You Tube – here is Charlotte Green reading the headlines for the first time.

Let us hope that Charlotte does not giggle during the football results. A sound effect causes the giggles



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