Beware the dealings of – either they are nuts or I am!

I received several packages from Amazon UK recently.

A slip from a company called were offering a free sample box of their snacks.  It said that lucky Amazon customers would be able to take advantage of this offer.

I duly entered the privilege code into’s site, having set up an account. They said that it was necessary to enter your credit or debit card details on the site, but if you did not want any more boxes they would not take any money from the card.

Today, a few days after putting these details into their site , they sent me two boxes!   One had a leaflet in it inviting me to enjoy my free box.  The second box had no such notice on it.

I went into my account and saw that they had charged for the second box, no chance to cancel if they send two together in the same post!  I tried to delete my card details in my account, and it would not do this, merely bounced back to show I had received two boxes and paid for one!

I did eventually find how to stop all boxes, this should be much cleared on their site.   I have made Amazon aware of this sharp practice.  I will get in touch with the disputes section at my card issuer tomorrow. The fraud department  had heard about this subscription service’s business practices, but could not deal with it this evening.

No question of receiving the goods, but a case of receiving too many and not being satisfied with business practice.

You have been warned, – but please form your own opinion or do not deal with them. I am not eating anything from them until this is sorted out.







Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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