Pictorial and other Musings

Radio thoughts:

I have noticed a radio newsreader who appears on Smooth, with a distinctive voice.  His name is Alastair Yates.  Checking up on Wikipedia I note the following

Alastair Yates is a British journalist. He is with Global Radio editing & presenting bulletins on CLASSIC FM news and also SMOOTH RADIO news.

He’s been a presenter for 20 years with the BBC, on BBC World News and BBC News.

He is MD of a Media Presentations company (AYP Ltd) which offers his freelance services as a TV/Radio presenter/voiceover/newsreader/executive media coach. (http://alastairyates.wordpress.com)

He also volunteers his services as Head of Media & Communications at The Horse Rangers Association (Hampton Court) Ltd.

In 1992 he helped to launch BBC World Service Television and stayed in his post for the re-launch to BBC WORLD in 1995. And in 1997 he was part of the launch team for BBC News24 (now the BBC News Channel). He took a couple of years out from BBC TV News in 1998 to become an anchor onDeutsche Welle in Germany. He returned to the BBC, again to appear on both BBC World News and the BBC News Channel.

Yates joined Sky Television from its launch in 1989, becoming the first male presenter on Sky News.

Prior to Sky News, he was with ITV: in 1986 he was presenting Anglia Television‘s evening news show About Anglia. In 1980 he was at Grampian Television in Aberdeen, Scotland as presenter and reporter for North Tonight. He made his debut TV appearance at Pebble Mill in Birmingham in 1978 presenting news bulletins for BBC Midlands‘s regional news programme Midlands Today. Whilst at BBC Midlands, Yates was also a regional continuity announcer and newsreader. He also appeared in some “Play for Today” dramas as himself.

He began his journalism career in radio: he was a current affairs & news host at BBC Local Radio stations in DerbyLeicester, and Birmingham. Yates, under the pseudonym Al Kay, got his broadcasting break when he began a weekly Saturday morning pop show on Radio Derby in 1973. That same station offered him the chance to move away from music-based shows to speech programming.

Born and brought up in Burton upon Trent, Yates was educated at Manor House School, Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the former Burton Grammar School. Before deciding on journalism as a career Yates was a circuit DJ and was MD of his own entertainments company which managed clubs and pop groups.[1]

Also on Smooth Radio in the UK on a Sunday they have a new female presenter.  Tina Hobley.  She has a very quiet sexy voice, and is developing as a presenter.  Smooth prove that female presenters do work on the radio.  Melanie B, and Lynn Parsons are terrific broadcasters as well, in my opinion.


Virgin Media are expecting me to pay a cancellation fee in the hundreds of pounds, for leaving them.  This is unfair because they do not have cable services in the area I hope to move to.  They offer new customers reductions for six months, guess who pays for these.  Richard Branson sort out your mean organisation please.


I bought a kettle recently from my local Sainsbury.  Instead of the receipt saying Kettle, it said something else, somebody had entered something like, refer to field format. This has the effect of making it difficult in the future, claiming under the guarantee. The local branch cannot enter the correct product name, only head office can do that.

Pictorial Musings:

First a rather poor picture of a waving Queen novelty toy in a local undertaker’s window.  Also pointed at it and anyone looking into the window a pc camera!


It is fascinating how mushrooms and toad stalls appear on trees – these look like something out of a horror movie!  WARNING TO CHILDREN AND MOST ADULTS – DO NOT EAT THESE THEY COULD KILL YOU!  stick to mushrooms sold in shops

Photo0409 Photo0408

The recent high winds brought down branches in local parks, and one pictured here has not been sorted out by the useless Harrow Council who own the building.  Susan Hall the council leader has promised to blitz the streets to bring them up to spec.  Harrow council has been useless for so long, the conservatives took over in a vigilante style from an Independent Labour Group. They do not know how to keep politics out of local issues.


Such a lovely advertisement for a Christmas Bazaar, but useless because nowhere does it give the location where it is taking place.


A charity shop in Rickmansworth has a fantastic stock of books from the 60s and 70s, here is a recent window display. Does it bring back any memories?

Photo0405 Photo0404

In JD Wetherspoon a guest beer from Brill is current on the pumps.  Brill has a radio station on the Internet and locally on am. Here is a link to it.http://www.brill1449.co.uk/ I am told it has no connection with Brill Oldies an occasional RSL.   Radio London in the sixties used to say “often imitated but never duplicated”.  I also find that the Caroline Extra and Overdrive on the Internet is not the one planned by Caroline, but an imposter!  This type of duplication never happened in the 60s, well at least with station names.


Rather blurred, but a list of words used by two competitors for the winning game of Scrabble in a recent contest.  There are only a few I know – how about you?


A double whammy on a local restaurant menu, which was popped through the letter box.  Spelling blunder, and the knives are rather frightening as well!


A wine for rabbits or hares?  Found in a local supermarket.


A lovely Rhus tree turning into its Autumn colours!


A cd in a local charity shop.  The Sellanby sticker reminds me of the lovely stores in South Harrow and Eastcote, now closed.  They sold new CDs, secondhand and DVDs.  They gave money or swap values on your unwanted CDs. Great shops and great guys. Now CDs are not worth much at all second hand.


A memory jogger. Winfield was the old Woolworth trademark.  Also fuse wire is redundant in most houses, due to new RCD ciruit boards.


This item in a local shop window reminds me that in the 60s and 50s all boys had their own Castle and soldiers!


Elderberries make great wine – and here are some on a tree in Rickmansworth, Herfordshire


This coincidentally ends this post and reminds me of a great song by Elton John



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