My first transistor radio, purchased with birthday money when I was 13 !

This was my first transistor radio.  I may have mentioned it before on this blog, no apologies for doing that again.



The set had a bandspread for the section 199mtrs medium wave and took in Radio Luxembourg.  To my surprise I received Radio Caroline on the first morning I had it. It was a Sunday and there were not many stations on then.  The sixties!   I found a station playing pop music, sounding a little like the BBC , it was Gary Kemp, on Radio Caroline.  I found out that it was on a ship and a “pirate station”.  I found this fascinating as it provided me with endless pop music, unlike the BBC at  that time.

What made me think about this fabulous radio, no longer with me or working – was an episode of Steptoe and Son in which the set featured on their garden table.  Here are some pictures taken off screen when the programme went out!


Sorry the pictures are not tip top and a bit over exposed and blurred but prove my point entirely I feel.

Photo0347 Photo0346 Photo0345


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