Goodbye to our first foster rabbit hello to two new ones

This the first foster rabbit we have been looking after for a month or so. Bindi was a young rabbit and had a splendid temperament.  She sat on your lap and seemed to look very happy about this. She never wriggled.  The way fostering of animals works is that the RSPCA branch vets you and premises to see if things are suitable for fostering.  It saves them heaps of expense putting animals into a cattery etc.  They supply a hutch, or whatever an animal needs, plus food etc.  All you have to give the animal is a temporary home before they can be re-homed,  They have cats, rabbits, dogs and all end of pets that have been abandoned. Bindi was found wandering near a railway line by a rail worker.

It is so unkind the way people abandon pets, or even mistreat them.  Make sure that you really have the time and patience to train a new pet before taking one on.  It is so unfair the RSPCA have to pay out for food etc, and vets bills.  They barely cover their costs, please support by using their charity shops, or donating.

DSCF1662 DSCF1668

On the same day that Bindi was taken to a member of the public who wanted to adopt her full time as a pet, two more abandoned rabbits joined us.

Gypsy is a 9 year old black Polish Rabbit, and she can be a little temperamental, and has been known to bite in the past.  I have learnt to carry her back to the hutch whilst gently covering her eyes with my hand, this results in a calm rabbit rather then one that wriggles and scratches.  Geezer is a lion headed old English rabbit who is 4 years old. He can be a little jumpy when handled, and even stamps when in the hutch.  He is calm when handled and stroked. Early days yet with these two, it is under a week that they have been here. I generally find that I can “tame” rabbits in two weeks. I will report back soon on this.

DSCF1764 DSCF1766 DSCF1773





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3 thoughts on “Goodbye to our first foster rabbit hello to two new ones”

  1. I have only just found this. Gypsy & Geezer are now with me in their forever home. They are house rabbits now, with a free run of the through lounge, which Geezer makes full use of but Gypsy still stays within a few feet of the hutch. They will have been with me for 2 years this September. Gypsy no longer lunges at me and is almost happy to be picked up. Geezer doesn’t like being picked up but does enjoy head rubs. As I am writing this Geezer is running around the living room and binkying. Gypsy is taking it easier in her favourite cardboard box. Thank you for taking care of them while with the RSPCA.

    1. Hello Nikki,
      Thank you for taking the trouble to give us the latest on Gypsy and Geezer. Interesting to learn that they are house rabbits. Our son and his partner have two rabbits called Brian and Bert. Bert is a N Zealand White and Brian is a Black lop eared rabbit. They are house rabbits. They also have a hutch here in our shed some miles from Middx our original home. These are very tame and have always been house rabbits. We no longer foster for the RSPCA, they do not have a presence in our area. I do however look after some neighbours rabbits, in their own large outdoor sheltered run. Both are very jumpy, they do not get picked up enough, and they are small rabbits. I manage to pick them. The male Joe tries to bite, but I manage to avoid this. Moonlight is a sickly rabbit and I give her injections each day (so does her owner)

      So glad you call them rabbits, do not like the term bunnies!

      I wish you many happy years with the two rabbits. Would be nice to see some pictures of them in their forever home, send to


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