Silver Lady………………. and man……………….

On Tuesday I paid a rare visit to a department store in our nearest large town. I was amazed to see that their showroom dummies were silver – a real treat!




The most appropriate song from the 70s which these reminded me of, and very apt is “Silver Lady” by David Soul – listen below!  What does Noel Edmonds think he is doing to the young girl at the start of this video?  Naughty Noel!

I moved to the ground floor and found some perfect companions for these ladies – silver men!


In the Party shop store was a really naff costume for batman – really tacky, and a quite passable Superman Outfit.  Superman has no eyes or mouth – a new race of men?



Finally a card that I spotted in Smiths – click on it if you cannot read the text, and you should be able to read it properly.



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