Pictorial Musings

Photo0124Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who, who will appear in the Christmas Special.  I imagined that we were in for a treat last night, but instead of a Dr Who episode we were subjected to Zoe Ball interviewing uncle tom cobbley  and all, then in the last five minutes letting us know who the new Doctor would be. He is 55, apparently so was William Hartnell when he was the first Doctor in the sixties

Photo0028A splendid cardboard mount of a Pirate in our local Sainsbury.  It was there well before the School Summer Holidays.  Talking of School Holidays, the little horrors were at our local swimming pool. Doing what we used to do as children – jumping in and getting out, and jumping in again!



Recently we had a pack of Cornettos.  I was amazed that the only mention that they were Cornettos was on the top of each ice cream.  The rest of the packaging referred to not to be sold individually!   They were delicious, and I would have preferred them to be wrapped in an attractive wrap.

Photo0092An interesting cobweb my wife spotted when we were walking down a local footpath recently.

Photo0115A really unusual delicacy in our local Lidls freezer section – Kangaroo!

Photo0116An excellent game for sale in our local charity shop. We used to have a Lotto like this at home in the 60s.

Photo0035Spotted one evening in a bin outside our Sainsbury’s – a bin full of cereal packets.  Somebody has either stolen the contents, or is collecting tokens for a free gift?

Beware Sainsbury’s “Ready to Eat” Nectarines and Peaches – I bought some at £2 today for my tea. They were not ripe at all!   I did get a full refund but all the same -ready to eat surely means that?  Mine were thrown in a bin by the customer service assistant.





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