An American Diner in Perivale


Yes, just past the Hoover Building on the West Way out of London, is this genuine 50s American Diner, called “Starvin’ Marvin’s”

The building was split in two and imported into the UK. It is part of  a chain of Diners.

We had a lovely milk shake there a while back.  It was lovely in authentic 50s tall glasses with straws.

I have read mixed reviews about the food there, but all I can say is that it was too hot the day we visited it to contemplate eating. The Manager seemed to be over-strict with his staff though.

Here then are a collection of pictures for you to browse through, including some shots of their menu.  By the way it was just after the lunch time session that we checked in there, so there are no people in the pictures.

Photo0850 Photo0848 Photo0847 Photo0846

Photo0845 Photo0844

Just so you can see that this is indeed an authentic US diner, here is a You Tube Video with views of Diners in the USA.


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