Pictorial Musings

Some excellent cassettes and one LP from local charity shops

Naughty Top of The Pop compilations.  These were copies of the chart songs of the time.  Elton John once recorded cover versions of songs, not on this label though, to supplement his income.

They all featured young ladies on the front, and were almost exclusively sold in Woolworth stores (RIP)  This label still has a slight risque appearance even today.


The Goon Show was one of my Father’s favourites, and I can share his enthusiasm for the humour as well

Here are a selection of Audio Cassettes found in a local charity shop.  I still have a cassette separate on my hi fi, so that if I find a gem of a cassette I can copy it to MP3 or otherwise.

Photo0387 Photo0386 Photo0385 Photo0384

In case you  are young and cannot remember the Goons, here is a sample from You Tube for the record – enjoy!

In the sixties I confess I used to enjoy Val Doonican. I spotted an album last week, that I would love to have owned at the time.  Sorry the picture is blurred!
I had to laugh when I spotted this pack of recordable CDs in a charity shop.  They claim to preserve sound for 200 years.  Nobody could ever live that long to see if that was the case!


Next spotted outside a Polish Store in West Drayton – some carrots that are well past their sell by date. Yuk!

Photo0395Finally this bridge will soon be demolished, as it is too low for the Cross Rail trains overhead cables.  The notice is superb and very old, just look at the text – hope it come out OK


Here a Practica camera, similar to one I owned in the 70s.  How we carried these heavy camera’s and lenses around I do not know!


When I popped into my local Santander bank, this fine tall fellow as holding the door open for me. Ladies don’t fall in love with him he is a large sticker on the window!


This is part of a menu that was stuck through my door.  I find the layout tacky, and is that really chicken they took a picture of, or are they little rocks?


It is now very fashionable for window cleaners not to use ladders, but a brush on the end of a hose, which is fed by water in a tank in a van.  Last week this was not the case for this chap, when I walked through a local close he could not get water to flow out of the device.  The hose was tangled up, and here he is trying  to sort this mess out.  Cleaning windows on ladders is best, and also takes less time I am sure


Finally every school boy’s dream in the 60s, now available from your local charity shop ………….  a model railway



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