General waffling…………………

I have found an excellent website which features pictures and notes that people find in the street or in library books.  There are also some excellent pictures on the site as well.  I will have to see if I can start something like this off to break up some of my posts from time to time!

Here is an example of what can be found on this site

The current situation with David Cameron spouting on about the European Common Market, and a referendum does not please me.  I voted not to go in on the first referendum and witnessed inflation.  The non voters in this country outnumber those that do vote. If they do not vote then the winner wins on the strength of the non vote, as much as those who vote.  Please David make your own mind up instead of wasting a fortune on organising a referendum which will not get full support of every man and woman in this country. I reckon he must know that there will be a yes vote from the referendum, based on last time, what a terrific waste of money.  Keep the UK pound and please bring back the French Franc, the Dutch Guilder, etc, going abroad in Europe is so drab using the universal Euro.  Let’ vote of a European superior community (not a common one of all thingss!0


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