Interesting Facts

I have not posted any interesting facts for some time now so here goes:
The common garden worm has five pairs of hearts.

A cat has four rows of whiskers.

Most people button their shirts upwards (not the wirelss waffler though!).

Women can hear better than men can.

Winston Churchill was born in a ladies room during a dance

The dog that shared the bed of Napoleon and Josephine was called Fortune.

In 1863 the first stretch of the London Underground opened.

Alexander Bell preferred to answer his early phone calls with “Ahoy, hoy”

Jack Daniel (of Jack Daniel’s whisky fame) kicked his safe when he could not remember the combination to open it, in 1911. He hurt his toe, ended up with blood poisoning, and died.

Elizabeth 1st was ahead of her time. She had a bath four times a year!

The phonetic alphabet is useful when spelling out names etc on the phone.

Letter phonetic letter
A Alpha
B Bravo
C Charlie
D Delta
E Echo
F Foxtrot
G Golf
H Hotel
I India
J Juliet
K Kilo
L Lima
M Mike
N November
O Oscar
P Papa
Q Quebec
R Romeo
S Sierra
T Tango
U Uniform
V Victor
W Whiskey
X X-ray
Y Yankee
Z Zulu

In 1879 in Belgium over thirty cats were employed to carry bundles of letters to villages.  The practice was soon dropped because they were so bad at it.

For sixty years the only image allowed on British Postage Stamps was that of Queen Victoria.

Jimmy Carter was the first US President to have been born in Hospital.

Finally a video of interesting facts from You Tube to end this selection of Interesting Facts which were source by me from “The Ultimate Book of Useful Information” and “Philip Ardagh’s Book of Absolutely Useless Lists











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