I found this cute card dropped on the pavement in Corfu. I will give him the benefit of world wide advertising and fame!

Cyprus trees are incredibly thin and tall

The Cypress Tree
by Kimberly R. Stone

I watched the water
at the base of the trees.
I stared in amazement,
at the protruding green leaves.

I knew at that moment,
there was nothing that I would not do
for this love, so selfless and true…
Longed for so often
And found by very few!

I came to you naked…
from the dust of the earth.
I’ve belonged in your arms,
long before my birth.
Kimberly R. Stone
Copyright ©:
May, 2006

Next some fantastic artistic Graffiti taken from a coach window on my may back to the airport in Corfu. Real talents here. The rest of the tags in town were spindly and childish looking.

Starting off the video below. For the first time in my many years of travelling I sat by the window on a plane, both ways! I was impressed as ever by Easy Jet, I wonder why we always see negative happenings and comment on television? If you have time look at this video of pictures I took out of the window on the return trip. I had my mobile on flight mode when these were taken

You will also see all of the pictures in this post on the video as well. Sorry it is a feature of the wordpress slide show facility, thanks to them for giving me this space so generously!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally back to the charity shop shelves, not occupied by Christmas Cards

What ghastly plates these are, sorry if you like cats! Sadly this must have been the pride of somebody’s plate collection!

My wife reminded me that this was an early picture of Barbra Streisand. The spelling of her christian name is odd – not so much Barbara, but a bar in bra?

In case you forget what she looks and sounds like try this video out

We end this miscellany of pictures with an old advert


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