Pictorial Musings

A small journey through some items seen in local charity shops

When I was younger this was the only alternative to a few pop songs – bless Mrs Mills

Bert Weedon was a great influence on many British guitarists – god rest his soul. Here he is playing hits by a US guitar great

I admire Oxfam’s sense of humour here, or is this a rare collectable?

An amusing card in Oxfam, most charity shops sell greatnew cards and they help raise funds

These books bring back great memories to me of when I used to try to assemble radio kits. Not my greatest of skills!  Nevertheless these books were fantastic to read

What a dated packaging for a game.  That man is enough to put you off playing it!

A very patriotic LP sleeve!

Is there anyone that would give this room space?

What a miserable looking dog!


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