I have been a fan of Primeval since last year, and find the current series exceptionally entertaining.  It almost seems like an expensive film that is showing. Pity it is broadcast on ITV and has commercial breaks in between scenes.

If you have time you can view an entire episode here!


Wikipedia explains the story line of the current episodes on ITV 1, they apparently were shown on the WATCH channel in the UK earlier this year.

Philip recruiting Connor to help in his secret project called New Dawn, which would take energy from the anomalies and use it to solve the world’s energy crisis. Matt, now aware Philip was responsible for the end of the world, asked for Abby’s help after she figured out he was from the future due to his knowledge of Burrowing insects during an incursion. As they attempted to find out what Connor was researching with his assistant April Leonard (Janice Byrne), the team continued to deal with the anomalies. When Matt ended up in 1868 while trying to recapture a raptor, he encountered Emily and convinced her to return after finding out she would be committed to an asylum by her husband. Soon Connor created the first man-made anomaly in the ARC, however it caused a swarm of Future Beetles to invade the ARC, during which Matt and Abby revealed they were investigating Philip. In the aftermath of the crisis Connor went through Philip’s files and discovered he had actually known Helen and had created a larger version of Connor’s anomaly machine. Later several anomalies began opening at once as part of Convergence, a natural phenomenon that would change the Earth’s magnetic pole from the north to the South, and a Tyrannosaurs rampage made the anomalies public. Philip abandoned Connor to activate New Dawn’s anomaly as it required absorbing the energy from open anomalies, and Connor and Abby repaired their fractured relationship. Matt failed to stop Philip as he activated New Dawn and Connor, attempting sabotage, fell through the large anomaly and ended up in the desolate future Matt had lived in. While being rescued, the ARC was invaded by mutated versions of Future Predators, resulting in Lester becoming injured. Philip’s anomaly became unstable, and Philip realised Helen had tricked him into wiping out humanity and tried to set things right by imploding the facility with him inside. Connor came up with a plan to use his anomaly to make the larger one unstable, and Matt drove it into the New Dawn anomaly with the intention of fulfiling his mission while sacrificing his own life. The plan worked and Matt somehow managed to survive, with the future changing once again. Abby, having whispered it earlier to Connor during the rescue, proposed to Connor and they became engaged. While the team is alerted to a new anomaly and prepare to head out, Matt encounters another version of himself, warning him to return home.



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