Curmudgeonly: Speaking

This evening I was amazed at the price of 2 litres of semi skimmed Milk on our local Esso Garage shop. It was Cravendale Milk, guaranteed to last for 7 days. I have checked the Tesco Price and the normal selling price at present is £1.88. Our local Esso had it for sale at £2.35. What an absolute rip off! Needless to say I returned it to the display cabinet rather than give the shop a profit. A nearby newsagent had 2 litres of normal milk for £1.20!  In defence of Esso shops, I did find reference to one that was the best value for food and milk for miles around!

Why do City Post and Royal Mail parcel delivery men leave packages outside your door in an insecure place?  They did this recently at my new address, fortunately my plumber spotted the box when he arrived early in the morning.

Why sometimes do you get something delivered with a piece or pieces missing?  This was my experience on Saturday when I tried to put a shower corner tower together.

Where have Teletext and Ceefax gone?   – The replacement on digital television is positively brief, slow to load at times.  At least Freeview works properly on all channels now, or at least it did in my old address and my new address.


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