Pictorial Musings

We are now in our new home, and very nice it is too.  There are still many boxes to unpack and work to be done. Thanks to Virgin Media for reconnecting us to the internet so quickly.  Last time we moved BT took 2 weeks to install the phone and internet, in spite of them promising to do it on the day of our arrival.  This is partially the reason for going with cable instead of BT for the telephone.  I will miss Sky free to air, no dish at the present address

On now with the pictures
An interesting wood carving in Northwood Middx


An unusual shot, mainly due to carelessness when putting the phone back into it’s holster. Wow those TFL seats at bus stops, not that comfortable at all!
A jubilee display in an Estate Agent’s window
Mrs Mills – dear Mrs Mills, I used to have record of hers which had sound effects of birds etc on it!

When my brother got married in Scotland I was his best man. I bought a selection of Scottish Albums, this happily was not one!
A cute gift for someone no doubt. Taken this Saturday in a local soon to be closed Clinton Cards store. My sincere good wishes to all the staff they will be making redundant.
This tickled my weird sense of humour – you have to buy a top in order to get a free bottom. One is quite enough thank you!
Finally the Jubilee is being celebrated by Kellogg’s, who have issued packets with an old design on them.


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