Cornucopia Radio

I have heard this station on the Internet before, but they were doing a music show which was rotating throughout the day, possibly only 45 minutes long in total.  Today I decided to give them another listen, and heard some original light humorous drama.  It reminded me of a cross between    Thameside Radio’s sketches in the 80s and a radio show  that crossed from pirate radio in the 80s to Radio 1.

The fact that the actors who are in the sketches come from Sheffield makes the programmes seem different, and things are done professionally with sound effects as well.

Kenny Everett may have influenced this style of programme -who knows?

This is the link to live streaming and podcasts of their output.

I have just remembered that the station that was similar to Cornucopia was Radio Tip Top,

Here is what Wikipedia has to say

Radio Tip Top was a BBC Radio One comedy programme broadcast from 1995-1996. Produced by the Tip Top Organisation (co-founded by Nigel Proktor), the show was aretro take on 1960s broadcasting, presented by The Ginger Prince and Kid Tempo. The program encouraged listener interaction, and offered free membership to Club Tip Top, which also sold numerous items of merchandise.

The tag line to the show was “If it’s not tiptop, then it isn’t Tip Top”

One of the features of the show was a live performance from the Starlight Rooms hosted by The Ginger Prince which featured a band called Blinder whose lead singer was called Knocker. They performed various covers of songs around at the time.

Prior to BBC Radio One it was a pirate radio station broadcasting on a Wednesday night to the London area. This started broadcasting in 1993 up until it was closed down and moved to the BBC.

The show raised money for a guide dog from listeners contributions. It was named ‘Technotronic’ and a party was held in London which listeners could attend.

Tip Top also released a single, a cover of M‘s Pop Muzik. It was backed with a humorous take on Babylon Zoo‘s Spaceman, performed by the above mentioned Blinder, with singer Knocker on helium.

I have found a small clip of Radio Tip top on Radio 1 – click on the player and enjoy!



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2 thoughts on “Cornucopia Radio”

  1. You can listen to the comedy sketches from Thameside Radio again on – home of the “Thameside Radio Revisited” podcast!


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