Vote Boris Johnson for London Mayor – Freedom Pass for Over 60s

I complained a while back about not getting the freedom pass in February when I reached my 60th birthday! I have meant for some time to bring to your attention, and this is only applicable to London blog visitors, that Boris has plans for London Transport.

I am voting for Boris on this single issue and if he does not bring back the Freedom Pass for over 60s in September as promised I will be barking mad as millions of others will!

If you are not planning to vote in the London Mayoral elections remember a non vote is a vote for whoever wins.

Ken Livingstone brought the Travel Card and Travel Zone system in, which was great.  As is the Oyster Card.  Boris according to him has got the money to fund this over 60s Freedom card return, from money he has not spent on tube improvements,

We cannot trust these politicians, but remember if you do not vote you are making it easy for the candidates.  USE THE VOTE – ESPECIALLY WOMEN, REMEMBER THE SUFFRAGETTES FOUGHT FOR YOUR VOTE!

From the Back Boris 2012 site

21 February 2012

Boris Pledges to Extend the Freedom Pass

Boris Johnson today promised, if re-elected, to extend the Freedom Pass to Londoners aged 60 years or older, rewarding those who have worked hard, paid their taxes and done the right thing throughout their life.

The Mayor’s pledge reverses the decision by Ken Livingstone’s Labour Party to increase the age at which Londoners qualify, meaning any Londoner aged 60 or older will be entitled to free travel on buses, Tube, DLR and London Overground anywhere, anytime, anyplace in Greater London.

Over 1 million Londoners will benefit from the Freedom Pass being extended, according to the latest official figures (see chart below), and comes after Boris delivered on his pledge in 2008 to extend the Freedom Pass to 24 hours a day and to war veterans.

Boris Johnson said: “I said that Londoners over 60 would get the 24-hour Freedom Pass and I’m a man who keeps my promises. Hard-working people who have done the right thing and paid their taxes in expectation of free travel on retirement are right to be annoyed at those who seek to take that away.

“I’m conscious that my promise of free travel has been eroded by a decision from Ken Livingstone’s Labour party to raise the age where Londoners qualify for the Freedom Pass.

“So today I renew my pledge to elderly Londoners that they will get free travel from the age of 60. I am confident that ongoing savings will enable me to deliver this for the next mayoral term.

“Today’s promise means that any Londoner over 60 can ride the bus, Tube, DLR and London Overground any time, any place and anywhere in Greater London as long as I am in City Hall.”

Number of people aged 60 or over, or will turn 60, by the end of this year:[1]

ONS 60+

Ken Livingstone’s Labour Party announced that concessionary travel eligibility would be aligned with changes in the state pension age. This meant that anyone turning 60 on 6 April 2010 or after was no longer entitled to the freedom pass on reaching that age. [2] The decision was announced by Labour chancellor Alistair Darling in his Pre-budget report in December 2009. [3]




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One thought on “Vote Boris Johnson for London Mayor – Freedom Pass for Over 60s”

  1. I have voted Green in Manchester and also voted yes for us to have mayor again-Thatcher got rid of the GMC as she did with GLC in the 1980s. If in London I would be voting Jen-Ken !=1 Jenny Jones green and 2 Ken Livingstone,- because of him being Ken, not Labour. Couldn’t vote Labour ever again after Bliar administration… May the best woman (or Ken) win 😉

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