Circus Boy

Micky Dolenz was a childhood actor and appeared in Circus Boy
Here is a link to background from Wikipedia

Here is a tribute with extracts to the show I used to watch as a young lad in the late 50s!

This post was prompted by seeing this book in a local charity shop. I used to have the self same book as a child but alas have it no more!

Here is information from the site about Micky’s pre-Monkee career

micky dolenz

Before The Monkees

George Michael Dolenz was born on March 8th, 1945 at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles. His parents Janelle and George Dolenz both worked in the entertainment field. In 1951, their son (having adopted the nickname of “Mickey”) started his private education at Eunice Knight Saunders School in the San Fernando Valley.

Five years later, father George Dolenz landed a lead role in the syndicated television series The Count Of Monte Cristo as Edmund Dantes. Simultaneously, his eleven-year-old son took on the stage name “Mickey Braddock” and hit the small screen in commercials for products such as Kellogg’s cereal and Oscar Mayer brand wieners. Soon after, “Mickey Braddock” scored a series of his own called Circus Boy. Debuting on September 17, 1956, it featured the youngster as Corky, an orphan boy growing up in the crew of a turn of the century traveling circus.

When Circus Boy left the air in 1958, “Mickey” returned to civilian life, but kept his hand in acting. In November, he appeared on television’ Zane Grey Theatre in an episode called “The Vaunted” and a year later he was seen on Playhouse 90. By 1963, Dolenz was dabbling in music. His first group, a four-piece called the Spartans, lasted just six months. Shortly thereafter, “Mickey” transitioned into spelling his name “Micky.”




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