Tiggy Now

I mentioned that our foster rabbit had just come home from an operation on her foot yesterday. I uploaded a picture of when she first arrived. As promised a shot her today in the run with her soul mate Timmy. They have been enjoying time together in the run in the sunshine today. Both groom each other affectionately. Tiggy has been grooming her paws, when it comes to her feet the same, but she seems a little confused when she goes to lick the missing toe.

Here is a close up of the toe, it has been replaced with some stitching on the left of the back foot. Poor brave Tiggy, The vet fee must have been high, and we do not know how she came to lost the claw and toe. Timmy her mate does tend to lick her toes so maybe there was a tussle and he caused the problem, or her foot got caught in some wire in the run. The operation has hopefully stopped the risk of infection in the broken claw/toe.


Finally a shot of the two together this morning – I do love rabbits and as you may have read we have fostered a large quantity of them over the past 6 years for the RSPCA, if you want to adopt these rabbits please let the North West Middlesex RSPCA know.



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