Pictorial Musings

Here is another mix of pictures from my mobile phone on location.  Charity shop gems, and other trivial things that have fascinated me over the past week.

Here are some Easter jollies from Lidl for you to enjoy


Vinyl wise

A 10 inch vinyl Peter Sellers album in a shop window – sixties vintage at a guess

Here is an example of junk vinyl issued and sold in Woolworth’s stores. The Top of the Pops albums of copies are quite collectable, but not sure about this copy of a copy album, made to look like a better product!


A slightly blurred, double album sold in Woolworths – the Nolan Sisters!


A well known group indeed – the Village People!


Now some books in a local Oxfam Shop.

One dedicated to the memory of one of my top comedians and writers, Spike Milligan

A reprint of an old book for boys telling them how to do almost everthing they need to know, boy scout and beyond! An American Publication.


A nice cupcake or two made by my friend Kevin!

One of our local cake shops has taken to making them with all sorts of coloured icing. It seems to be the latest craze! Sorry pics are blurred – adds to the charm of this feature. How about clubbing together to buy the Wireless Waffler a more expensive camera phone? Only joking, I enjoy shooting quick photos. I do have a much better main camera but the phone goes everywhere with me!




Finally in Lidl there is an endearing sticker and picture book for girls.




Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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