Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts……………..

During your lifetime you will eat 60,000 pounds of food, the weight of six elephants.

Coca Cola is used to clean up blood spills on highways.

A pin in a ten pin alley has to tilt only 7.5 degress to make it fall over.

The first jeans were made in 1850.

In 1946 the first bikini was made.

In 1967 Barclays Bank installed the first ATM machine in their Enfield branch, London.

The first electric battery was made in 1800 by Aleessandro Volta (Italy) from whose name the electrical unit “volt” is derived.

In medieval bestiaries, the European Bison was known as the”bannacon” or the “vilde kow” which defended itself by spraying a spray of excrement over a distance of 80 yards!

Who invented champagne?  Not the French, it is an English invention. The English developed a taste for fizzy wine and in 1662 the method of making it was written down in the UK.  The French perfected a dry Champagne in 1876!

Elm trees can live for 300 years.

Royal Mail staff steal about 200,000 letters and parcels every year and deliver 22 million letters to dead people.

Chelmsford leapt ahead in 1893 when the Eclipse , the world’s first electric toaster was invented there.  Five years later Marconi opened the first “wireless” factory.

Facts gleaned from the following books:

“The Book of Useless Information”  by Keith Waterhouse and Richard Littlejohn
“Facts and Trivia” edited by Isaac Asimov
“The Book of Firsts” By Ian Harrison
“Mr Hartston’s Most Excellent Encyclopedia of Useless Information.
QI E annual
QI Book of General Ignorance
QI Book of Animal Ignorance

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