New look to Blog

I hope that you like the new look of the blog. Overall it should give larger type and be easier to read. I am opposed to change for change sake. A recent alteration to Google Mail has really confused me, so apologies if you find my alteration difficult to come to terms with.

A new radio station I have been listening to on wi fi radio is KRLI which broadcasts easy to listen to oldies. Not obviously everyone’s choice of music but a genre that is hardly catered for in the UK. Their web address is

The snow fell on Saturday night around 9.30 pm here. It was exceptionally thin flakes of snow, which seemed to cover everything up to 3 inches and more very quickly. Today, Sunday the snow has been trodden down, and has melted very slightly. Inevitably, although I pray not, it will freeze overnight. Bear in mind that conditions on road and pavement will be treacherous, so proceed with absolute caution.

I wonder if any of you have seen this amusing You Tube video about the Duck and the Grapes?

Also I am very fond of Radio Jingles, as I suppose many other blog readers are. There are many jingle videos on You Tube, this is by way of a treat, a selection of jingles which seem to fall into the category of my all time favourites. They have an offshore feel to them. There are also some lovely old radios on view as well! The best in my opinion is the Lively Companion one about a portable radio!

Hope the snow does not turn to ice.

Here are some pictures I took today, it is on a main road so most of the snow has gone, except on side streets.  Pavements were slippery though.


















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