The folly of house buying and selling in England

It is very stressful as many know to buy and sell a home in England.

There should be a law to ensure that buyers really do have a mortgage or something to sell before they make an offer.  Their offers should be realistic and binding on them, except in the case of exceptional structural problems being identified in two independent surveys.

Instead an Estate Agent is supposed to check somebody out financially before advising their client to accept and offer.

It is a sad fact that society today is corrupt.  Some people, not all, genuinely think they can make offers on houses and then pull out, or drag their feet to the frustration of a Vendor.I have experienced an agent who seems to have been deliberately hounding a buyer who was delaying getting a mortgage, that they withdrew their offer. I specifically asked them to let the solicitors sort it out.

Please Mr Cameron pass a law that

a) Makes people pay a non refundable deposit when they have an offer they make accepted on a property. To the buyer’s solicitor not to the Estate Agent. Say £2,000 to be deducted off the purchase price on proceeding.
b) Make it illegal to make an offer without being able to show a mortgage offer which matches the price offered.
c) Ban Estate agents from chasing up buyers, make this the job of the solicitors.  Estate agents are experienced negotiators but are not lawyers so they need to know their place – in my opinion.

In conclusion – If you are thinking of buying a house and do not have adequate funds – do not come my way!!!!

I had to pay to get my passport identity verified by a solicitor. Why do buyers just waltz into an agents and get treated like Lords and Ladies.  About 40% of buyers are charlatans and liars and low life and scum!!

I have more rights selling and buying on eBay, than when house buying and selling it seems.  Sorry if you are not a house owner, the other problem for my children’s generation is also complicated.   House prices too high, job market poor and crippling rents that landlords charge.


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