Great British Railway Journeys

I find the current series of Great British Railways an excellent television programme.  Michael Portillo is travelling the length and breadth of the UK by using his Brashaw’s Victorian Railway Guide.

The image above is from the Amazon UK site, and is a facsimile edition which they have for sale, but is currently out of stock.  It is not cheap either.

Michael Portillo clings to this book, but occasionally I think he is going to lose it, for example when he gets into a steam engine and leaves it on the footplate.

Michael Portillo has a very interesting and distinctive voice. He also has a great range of coloured shirts, and jackets.  It is a pity that the jackets seem to get so creased after his rail journeys.

It is also pathetic that some areas are not served by a full train but a single carriage or railcar.  Beeching cut so many rail lines. It also seems now that the railway companies are charging exorbitant fares and driving people off the railways.  Maybe the many series of this programme will increase rail travel. Possibly not, but certainly the original book is reaching up to £200 or more. But was for sale or under £22 from Amazon, it is currently out of stock.

Here is an extract from the show which is on You Tube. It tells the story about Malvern Water, and was on television a few episodes back.


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