Old LP covers spotted in charity shops

This was a budget priced greatest hits by the great Roy Orbison


Here is a video of the man in action

Cliff Richard with a clever LP design – featuring his head shaped out of a golden disc!
The Beatles with an EP I cannot seem to remember. I still have the Twist and Shout and All My Loving EPS. An EP ran at 45rpm and normally had two tracks on the front and two on the back.


This is the sort of album that was affordable in Woolworths, but the sleeve was always more impressive than the copy version of songs on the inside

Glad to see that Monkees seem to get into the charity shops as well! This was a superb album


This is one of many James Last Albums issued


Adam and the Ants – what a superb album cover!


Moira Anderson, I seem to remember her being on the Val Doonican TV Show! Also rather blurred, but this sleeve has a Music and Record Exchange sticker on it. I also remember Reckless Records in Berwick Street London that sold second hand albums. I also remember with affecting Sellanby records who used to trade in South Harrow and Eastcote.


Gene Pitney was an excellent singer and here is an album of his issued in Mono. When Stereo first came out on LP, they made versions in Mono for people who had sapphire styluses and old record players.



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