Caroline my true love!

I tuned in to Radio Caroline today for the first time in around 3 months, and was pleasantly surprised by the output. I found it listed on my Clarus Plus Radio as usual. Only a mono signal but very good quality.

I caught the end of the peronal top 15 programme. I was then pleasantly surprised to listen whilst cleaning the house to Barry Marsh playing his pick of the 500 featured tracks from 2011 played on Caroline.  It proved to me how good new music is.

This evening I caught my favourite show “Good Rockin’ Tonight” hosted by Dell Richardson. It was playing Christmas songs and some comical. I heard Major Bloodnocks dance from the Goons.  A really comic tune was “Roasting Chipmunks on the fire”

Later on I heard Barry James with the Sixties and Seventies request show. Caroline has some really good specialist music shows.

Below is their Christmas Day schedule, it may look plain but rest assured it will be great music!

00:00 Bob Lawrence
02:00 Radio Caroline TV
03:00 Continuous Caroline Music
06:00 Fool’s Wisdom
10:00 Pat Edison
14:00 Dave Foster
18:00 Lee Shuttlewood
21:00 Tom Lodge Jr
23:00 John Cronnolley

Caroline’s History by Peter Moore




1990’s and beyond

From the Caroline site


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