Tiggy and Timmy – our latest foster rabbits

Timmy and Tiggy came to us via the RSPCA to care for this June.  They had been neglected, and Timmy’s black fur was in a very poor condition.   To be truthful they came to us as Tiggywinkle  and Timmy Tippy Toes, I just could not bring myself to call these rabbits by these names, so I abbreviated them.

Here are two shots of them taken when they first arrived, Tiggy is the brown rabbit, who looks very skinny here, and Timmy is the one with the poor fur.  I think that his female companion Tiggy must have torn his coat out due to living in cramped dirty conditions

Tiggy was aged 18 months when she arrived and Timmy was a year old.

Timmy is very jumpy if not handled correctly, this is sadly a by product of possible abuse he received before being rescued by the RSPCA.

Tiggy is now easy to handle and even allows me to stroke her gently in the hutch. Timmy is a little jumpy in the hutch still.   Both will happily rub their whiskers on my face and nose when in the hutch.  They are either being friendly or chinning me to make sure I am a safe addition to their environment.

Below are pictures of them in October 2011.  They have been with us for five months so far, and have both put on some weight.  Timmy’s fur is superb as well , thanks to the good dried food the RSPCA provide, and plenty of greens and carrots.  Timmy has specks of white hair in his black fur, and is a Silver Fox rabbit.  We had one about 6 years ago, and she was quite timid in the hutch and before she was neutered was difficult to handle in the run.

If you have any spare time, and a suitable garden, and love rabbits, why not approach your local RSPCA and offer to foster Rabbits.   It is very rewarding to receive rabbits who need love and help, mastering the difficult ones.  Not so easy for some to part with them when they are found a permanent home.  For me I do miss them, but when I get some more to care for I look forward to another challenge and befriending some new rabbits!

I may soon post some general tips on how to care for rabbits, their hutch and run in other posts.   I will also attempt to give some clue to different rabbit breed’s mannerisms, it may help some to choose a rabbit for themselves or their family.

Do not buy a child or anyone a rabbit, dog, cat , or other pet for Christmas. It is unkind to the animals.  They want 24/7 365 day attention and love, and do not need to be forgotten after a week or month by younger children or callous adults.


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