Saturday thoughts

I enjoyed listening to Saturday Live as usual this morning on Radio 4. Interesting to hear a lady’s experiences with helping her sick husband end his life. That sounds morbid, but what came out of it was the fact that her husband pushed the button to end his life, no her. Extensive research, including all of the patients notes etc are consulted before doctors finally agree to this procedure. Dignitas are an organisation that can advise, but most people faced with wishing to end their lives due to severe illness have nobody to speak to who have done the same thing.

Absolute 60s this morning played a song by Bryan Ferry, I am not at all sure that he was around in the sixties. They also seem to play more rock than pop to my mind. Jimmy Hendrix this morning and other rock songs. A good station but why does it start broadasting at 10am. I find the Christian O’Connell show very bland and it has too much talk in it. Overall I do find Absolute 60s to be a great radio station. A real beacon in a lot of pap on DAB radio.

I saw one of the new LT metropolitan line trains coming over the bridge today. It looked magnificent. They have given the new trains a really modern looking front cab. It seems to be smiling and more like a train than any other TFL train.

I had a look in several shops today at the price of Diaries. They range from £6.99 to £9.99. I have seen much cheaper page a day diaries in bargain shops of equal quality.  I decided instead to order one through ebay – I do not know how they can send me an A6 page a day (sat and sunday also) for £2.79 with postage.  I hope I will not close a local shop by this selfish action!

Lidls have plenty of Christmas lights in store at present. Good also to see that they have LED lights in them. It will be interesting to see if these last longer than the conventional bulbs. A man in our local shop had bought three bottles of Champagne. He told me that the Telegraph had recommended the Champagne for value and taste.


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