Scattered thoughts

Earlier this week we went to Greenford and had a walk along the canal at Hanwell, a lovely day but a little cool.  In one of the charity shops  they had a radio cassette designed for the blind for sale. It only worked on the radio. I am a volunteer recordist for my local talking newspaper for the Blind, it is still done on cassette but hopefully one day it will go digital.

Recently we received two survey forms from Boris Johnson.  He was quick to mention how many million he had saved from cutting out Ken Livingstone’s newsletter.  He did not say where he had spent the money saved!  Certainly not on the Olympic Games for which us Londoners and suburbanites have had no choice in paying 38p a week towards them.  It is sickening to learn that thousands of tickets have been given to foreign dignitaries.   I am sorry but I am not in the least interested in going to the Olympics, but feel that those who do want to in London who have paid towards it should have had first pick at a discount.  I feel that the fares in London on buses and trains are incredibly unreasonable, and they should be reduced.


Went into Watford today on an Arriva Bus.  We forget how simple it is to travel with an Oyster card.  The bus driver spends ages taking change, issue tickets, and also checking Freedom Passes then issuing tickets.

We had a meal in a new restaurant there called Modello.  Excellent value for money at lunchtime £5 for a steak sandwich and chips, with diet coke. They also sell a plain coffee for 49p.  The restaurant is beautifully laid out and very modern looking.

There are three superb charity shops there. I thought they were more modern and professional looking than some of our sophisticated charity shops locally. One had a cafe in it as well.  I also saw this album in one shop.  Do you remember when albums were issued in both mono and stereo?

Also in one shop I saw an internet radio, which was providing music for the shop – some form of internet radio for shops, non- copyright stuff.

In the window of a card/stationer shop were these delightful wind up ornaments


Oyster travel is cheaper than buying tickets in London, but still not very cheap.  £1.30 is the cost at present for going one stop on a bus!   Also they are stopping issuing freedom passes to people at 60, and making them wait  a further two years or so.


Sorry to have had a gap in posting, nothing really to comment . There will be weeks and months like that I am sure. Thanks for your interest in reading the blog.  Thanks to WordPress for hosting the blog.  All pictures taken on my phone which has a primitive camera.


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