1937 Radio Times to download

If you would like to see a full radio times from the 1937 period please click on the link below



This is a garbled version of what is in the pdf file

RADIO TIMES TELEVISION SUPPLEMENT, JANUARY 15, I937 15″Wish / had aChildren’s HourAnnual * >Do your kiddies ‘listen-in’ at 5.15?Just think of the thrill they will getout of their own annual, edited bytheir own UNCLE MAC. They willmeet in these pages many old friends,for among the contributors areCommander King-Hall, The ZooMan, Stargazer, L. Du GardePeach, Mortimer Batten, Hugh E.Wright, Olive Dehn, FranklynKelsey, Norah Holloway, GeorgeC. Nash, P. G. H. Fender, andBarbara Todd, who write charmingstories and articles for children ofevery age. With a foreword byA. J. Alan. Your radio will be twiceas valuable if the kiddies own thisannual. It will give them hours of joy.y^ If you want to buy something that your kiddieswill really love, here is the ideal present.168 pages of fascinating reading, 1 full-colourplates, 5 photogravure plates and numerous linedrawings by famous artists. And the attractive clothbinding will stand quite a lot of rough handling.Get one to-day from your booksellerHUTCHINSONHOURANNUA!


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