Golden Hits Radio

I can recommend Golden Hits Radio, which is an internet only radio station. I discovered it today on my Clarus Plus radio under new stations.

A great selection of programmes and I listened at lunchtime (UK time) and at 21.00hrs (UK time) and heard a presenter on air.

Their website gives fuller details of this station, which I recommend you to try:

The “Lost Oldie” feature is part of our continuing effort to provide the MOST and the BEST oldies that you will find anywhere. If there’s an oldie that you haven’t heard in a long time, let us know. We’ll try to find it.

Our Music Mission
Golden Hits Radio is presented by legendary morning oldies radio personalities Burt & Kurt. Our 24/7 daily programming features a classic oldies music mix from an era that birthed and grew rock and pop, arguably, the greatest music ever recorded.
No matter what you call it: golden oldies, oldies but goodies, or oldies… you will find an abundance of music variety on Golden Hits Radio.

Our goal is to provide you with the MOST oldies while still keeping the music selection familiar and free of charge.

The result is a musical buffet of free oldies music including innovative 1950s singers, superstar sixties artists, unforgettable 1970s singers, and the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley. We don’t pretend to be the perfect fit for your unique taste. There will be a few songs in our mix that you don’t like. That’s the downside of playing so much variety. But…just hang in there because your favorites aren’t far away.In our research we found listeners of oldies on the radio were tired of the same short list of the same songs played over and over again.

The original Golden Hits Radio features classic oldies from 1955 – 1979. We’re playing your favorite oldies hits from a massive library of the greatest music ever recorded. And yes, we do take REQUESTS.

In just a year on the air Golden Hits Radio has grown to one of the most listened to internet oldies radio stations and is heard in over 140 countries proving the old expression, “music is a universal language.”

Through our arrangement with we proudly support the recording industry that has made your favorite music possible. Yes, we pick up the tab for music licensing and provide your favorite oldies at no cost to you.

Thanks for making the GHR Web Radio Network a part of your life. We are grateful for all the kind comments about our programming. You mean so much to us and your ideas and comments are always welcome.

Your input helps us to bring you the best oldies radio online. GHR is proud to bring you commercial free radio.

The Story Behind the Music
The latest addition to our GHR Web Radio family is Super Oldies Radio, a website that is devoted to sharing the story behind the music. Check out our tribute to 1960s radio.

You can also find out about more about the your favorite oldies artists by checking out Everything Oldies by Shane Wilson.

Introducing “LOST OLDIES!”
We have just added 500+ songs to our playlist that we have labeled as “Lost Oldies.” A lost oldie is a song that was once a hit and, for whatever reason, seldom (or never) gets played on the radio.

You can listen to the station by clicking this link and selection listen on the menu at the top of the page – enjoy!



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