Jimmy Saville – dies – the waffler’s tribute – and comments added September 2014

One of my favourite deejays from the past is Sir Jimmy Saville.  It is so unfortunate that his way of talking and presentation appears to have been a cover for his sexual perversions.  I still think that his on air work worthy of praise.

His programmes first on Radio Luxembourg were excellent.

Then his programmes on Radio 1 with Savilles Travels.

His countless appearances on Top of the Pops.

I am not alone in trying to impersonate him, with catchphrases like “now then, now then”, “goodness gracious me” and “how’s about that then”, and the funny “aggh aggh” type sound he made. on Jim’ll  Fix it

A video of Jimmy made in 2007 opening up a hall in Leeds

I cherish my own face to face meeting with Jimmy in Broadcasting House, where I worked for over 30 years.  He came out of a lift in the sub basement and said something like “hello young man – and did his distincity “aggh aggh sound”

I also remember him doing a Christmas Show on Real Radio some years ago as well (I think it was Real Radio – I was listening in on Sky satellite at the time so not too sure)

I was listening to LBC on Sunday (update to this post) and many people credited him for his charity work.  Also mentioned before he was a dj he was a professional wrestler.  He of course also ran marathons.  Did hours of  portering at hospital.

Rest in Peace Jimmy you will be missed !


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