EON – unbending price grabbers!

I sympathise with any blog visitors who are experiencing problems with their Gas and Electric suppliers putting up their prices put up.

This morning I rang EON to point out that I had a credit of over £100 on my account. They wanted to put my standing order of £80 up to £108.  I offered to pay £90, but they told me that if they did I would no longer be able to pay by direct debit. I could ring back in three months and review how the account was going!  They suggested returning the £100 to me to help with the extra direct debit.  I am on a private pension and every extra pounds pushes me into poverty!

Email your gripes to me at wirewaffle@hotmail.com, if they are clean then I will post them here!

The financial times website has something to add which may prove EON are no worse than any other supplier.


The government’s decision to call an urgent summit with energy suppliers on October 17, to talk about ways consumers can save money on gas and electricity bills is a little bit late.

Between them, the six largest companies have already pushed up prices by up to 16 per cent for electricity and 19 per cent for gas, and some consumer groups have questioned how fair these hikes are now that wholesale energy prices have fallen.

The government wants to expand competition by opening up the barriers to new market entrants, and this week SSE announced that it would offer all its electricity for trade to any household supplier, although one rival supplier dismissed the plan as smoke and mirrors.

Back in September, EDF Energy’s chief executive said that the public had lost confidence in the energy industry, and according to a new report from Which? their suspicions may be justified.

The move by British Gas to end selling on the doorstep, along with EDF Energy and SSE, might be a step in the right direction for consumers, but a recent Which? report found that companies routinely tell prospective customers the wrong information on tariffs. Not a single provider explained that exit fees that would be charged if a tariff was cancelled early, and only Npower and Eon provided information on their cheapest tariffs.

But then, with thousands of energy tariffs now on offer from the six largest providers, perhaps the sellers are just as confused as the rest of us.


Good luck to everyone on the UK as we face another cold winter!


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