Some more Internet Radio Stations you may like

I can fully recommend Offshore Music Radio. It is on air for 24hours, and even when they do not have a presenter on air they play excellent oldies. They even have on board Rodney Collins who used to write radio articles in Disc and Music Echo and other news stories.

In the station’s own words, on their site:

 Welcome aboard the internet radio ship.  Here at Offshore Music Radio (OMR) we love to play the music that was played by the offshore radio stations that populated the coast of the UK and Europe.  More than that, we just love music of that era so you don’t need to have been an offshore station fan to enjoy listening to OMR, one of the top internet radio stations web casting 24 hours a day.

If you enjoyed the music from the pirate radio ships such as Radio Caroline, London, 270, City, Scotland, Nordsee, Veronica, Laser 558 and Atlantis etc, then you will enjoy listening to our station.

Offshore Music Radio is licensed through Loudcity and broadcasts from 128k stereo high fidelity (hi fi) audio streams down to 24k mono audio streams.
Playing 50s Music 60s Music 70s Music 80s Music 90s Music

Radio Anoraks will be more than aware of the Voice of Peace 1540. No not the radio ship that Abie Nathan ran on the Peace Ship somewhere in the Mediterranean, but the UK based internet stations. The ship above was unfortunately ceremoniously sunk when Abie Nathan felt that the Middle East situation had improved, sadly it has not. Some presenters on the station worked on the Peace Ship. Ray Teret from Radio Caroline South does a show there.

In the words of the station on their site

Welcome to 1540 The Voice Of Peace


Doug Wood, Andy Jones, Brian Matthews

and Paul Douglas (The Team) and your

favourite VOP presenters invite you to this

new phase of broadcasting from

This is a new International Station based

on the original Voice of Peace. Our plan is

simple, to bring you the greatest hit music

on earth, and the message of Love and





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