A big backlog of albums spotted in charity shops

 For a while now I have been posting album covers spotted in charity shops.  I have chosen most of these due to their appearance, or the fact they jog my memory.  I will have to try to remember to post these up more frequently and therefore minimise the size of the post.  One day I may move on to CD covers as well. 

On a separate subject there are many great blogs out there that actually feature unusual of naff music – one of my favourites is Lord of the Boot Sale http://lordofthebootsale.blogspot.com
Above is one of my favourite groups from the Sixties the Supremes – I would love to have have been able to purchase the album above but my pocket money would not stretch to this at the time!

 A little bit blurred but how daft does Barry Manilow look in that shirt ?

 A reminder of a great TV comedy show above – and a rather appetising snack! Possibly very high on cholesterol?

 It does not look as if this lovely day will be up to too much if she suffocates in red satin!  The album covers of orchestral albums often featured lovely ladies.  They all seem more grown up than the ladies nowadays!

 This album cover does not do a great artist like Nat King Cole justice.

 Wham were a terrific group, and all the ladies then thought that George Michael was a highly desirable bachelor!

 The album above was responsible for getting me interested in Soul Music.  After listening I was prompted to dip into each artist’s large repetoire of songs.

 What an excellent album cover – celebrating the amazing world of Punch and Judy

 What an unusual duet here – Peters and Lee of course!  And the video below from Top of the Pops, introduced by a young handsome fellow called Tony Blackburn!

 I used to love the Bachelors harmony, until I discovered the Beach Boys!

 Harry Secombe had a very serious side to him as well!  I remember buying an album very much like this for my Father in London.  I put it on top of my car in order to get in through the door with other bag, forgot it was there and drove off.  When I got home I realised I did not have it.  I drove back to the car park, and to my delight found it on the ground, fortunately in pristine condition, and not run over by another vehicle!

 Roberta Flack was a great singer

 Wow watch out this album could explode, I think that is a bomb on the front cover?

 Marble Arch was a good budget price label, I cannot remember this album though.

 Another lovely lady on the front of an orchestral music album.  Is the man here suffocating in her neck or nibbling her ear?

 Two more orchestral albums. One from Ray Conniff, but another from a band I have not heard of but with a bizarre cover.

 Slighly blurred, but yet another lady being used to sell the album?

 A an album which uses titles and text, rather then using pictures to sell the album.

 I had this Marble Arch Album, Sandy Shaw was one of my all time favourite female singers along with Lulu!

 Russ Conway was a childhood favourite.  It was odd the way that he used to force a smile as he was playing from time to time!

 James Last did not resort to a lovely young lady on his album cover!

 Pinky and Perky were one of my favourite TV stars in the 60s.  They used to mime along to pop songs, a rarity to television at that time!

 Arcade and KTel used to make inexpensive albums, and packed them with original music.  There seemed to be so many tracks on them as well.  They did of course tend to edit the length of each track down, or so it seemed!

 Leo Sayer has learnt how to fly and is happy to show you on the front of this album!

Huckleberry Hound was one of my favourite tv shows as a child – I spotted this EP when sorting through some albums whilst doing some voluntary work.  



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