7% increase on London Fares!

Not only have they decided to stop issuing me with a Freedom Pass when I reach 60, they are now putting the fares up 7%.  Next year I will be paying my fares still and footing an increase. WHAT A CHEEK.  If you forget your Oyster Card and bus journey costs £2.30!
I spend around £100 a month just riding local buses.  I beat the system today though and went to the swimming pool and back on my bike. Oyster Saving £2.60 – non Oyster fare £4.60.  

How do you feel about this increase from next January – I dare you to post a comment (please keep it clean!)


Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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