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I have recently discovered a new radio station which plays some good old and new material.  The station is MikeLive! and well worth a listen. Here is a link their website

Welcome to MikeLive Radio! To any new visitors, you’ve found us! – 24/7 at

We are the home of great music, from the 50’s to today, tracks that you may not have heard before but will want to hear again – new releases, classics and we’re not afraid to play airplay-worthy album tracks either!

Artists featured

 Pick of the Latest Radio and technical news from the Media UK site.
Less than 24 hrs left to enter the Student Radio Awards
From Student Radio Association. Posted July 19 2011, 7.36pm
The Student Radio Awards deadline is very close! All entries must be paid for and completed by Wednesday 20th July 2011 at 5pm. 
Telex to help defeat web censors
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 19 2011, 4.15pm
Data smuggling software could help citizens in countries operating strict net filters visit any site they want. Developed by US computer scientists the software, called Telex, hides data from banned websites inside traffic from sites deemed safe. 
Belarusian state radio reportedly bans politically sensitive song
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 19 2011, 2.33pm
State-controlled Belarusian Radio has reportedly banned a popular glasnost-era Soviet song by rebellious rocker Viktor Tsoi.
Burmese journalists warned on exile contacts
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 19 2011, 11.36am
Burmese journalists have been told by a senior government minister not to pass information to exiled media outlets whom he claims are tarnishing perceptions among the public of the Thein Sein administration. 
Radio Drenthe now available free-to-air via satellite
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 19 2011, 11.08am
Public broadcaster Radio Drenthe is temporarily broadcasting unencrypted via satellite. This is necessary because parts of Drenthe have no terrestrial signal, or a very weak one, following the collapse of the tower in Hoogersmilde last Friday. 
Pirates use silent Sky Radio frequency in SE Drenthe
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 19 2011, 10.53am
A pirate radio sation in southeast Drenthe made good use of the radio silence over the weekend caused by the collapse of the tower at Hoogersmilde last Friday. After many stations went off the air, the pirates took over the frequency of Sky Radio to broadcast their own playlist.
BBC Radio 4′s Norman Smith gets TV job
From Radio Today. Posted July 19 2011, 9.22am
Smith will replace Laura Kuenssberg as the BBC’s Chief Political Correspondent. 
Radio 4 reporter to replace Kuenssberg as BBC’s chief political correspondent
From The Drum. Posted July 19 2011, 8.20am
According to The Guaridan, Smith will front the BBC’s political coverage alongside Nick Robinson, the political editor, and James Landale, the deputy political editor from next month. Kuenssberg left the BBC to take on the role of business editor at ITV News.
5 Live to recruit new travel reporters
From Radio Today. Posted July 19 2011, 2.15am
New people wanted to join the station at Media City UK. 
2BR presenter walks to try to beat the train
From Radio Today. Posted July 18 2011, 9.48pm
Jim Coulson aims to do 12 mile hike from Colne to Skipton quicker than by rail. 

SRA Music Officer lands Amazing role!
From Student Radio Association. Posted July 18 2011, 6.59pm
Having recently celebrated her new role as SRA Music Officer, Racheal Devine has, this week, become the latest addition to the team at Amazing Radio! 
Dutch FM update: Lopik back on air at reduced power
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 18 2011, 5.02pm
The broadcast tower at Lopik (IJsselstein) is now transmitting all regular services again, but at the moment all are on reduced power. This is to make sure that no fire can occur again, because it’s still not clear exactly where the fire started early on Friday.
Smooth launches ‘Golden Hour’ digital campaign with Code
From The Drum. Posted July 18 2011, 5.01pm
The station hopes to attract new listeners in London through banner ads and the Golden Hour Game , a Facebook app which offers players the chance to win £1000.
Cut the transmission – close BBC Radio 6 Music
From Media UK editorial pick. Posted July 18 2011, 4.49pm
This piece from YouGov says that Brits want to shut down BBC Radio 6 Music. It must be true, it’s a YouGov poll.
Pop-Up Radio Potential: Australia Gets It, UK Fails
From paidContent:UK. Posted July 18 2011, 2.20pm
Radio is going digital all over the world – on DAB Digital Radio in Europe and Australia, HD Radio in the United States, and via television, satellite and the internet everywhere. 
Radio Free Libya now audible on FM in Tripoli/Misrata
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 18 2011, 1.46pm
On 15 July Radio Free Libya carried “good tidings to the Libyan people that Radio Free Libya could now be heard in Tripoli, Misrata, Zintan, Tarhunah and Al-Khums on the frequency of 88.5 MHz”. (Source: Radio Free Libya) iBeginShare. (more)
Political fury at Dutch broadcasting “chaos”
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 18 2011, 1.10pm
The Dutch opposition Christian Democrat Party (CDA) is furious about the “chaos at the weekend following fires in the transmission towers at Lopik and Hoogersmilde. CDA MPs Maarten Haverkamp and Ger Koopmans yesterday evening expressed their indignation in written questions to the government.
Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal to close
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 18 2011, 12.32pm
The Flemish government has reached agreement on a new strategy for VRT for the next five years. The Flemish public broadcaster will launch a full national TV network aimed at teens.
When it comes to books, let’s hear it for Radio 4
From Media Guardian. Posted July 18 2011, 12.18pm
I spent the bulk of yesterday in traffic jams on the M1.
Dutch FM update: Clean-up starts at Hoogersmilde
From Media Network Weblog. Posted July 18 2011, 11.43am
The owners of the television/radio tower in Hoogersmilde, Novec and Alticom, have started cleaning up the debris around the tower that partially collapsed Friday after a fire. Access to the tower is being strengthened, so that cranes can get to the mast.




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