Weekend Bulletin – Radio Neptune etc

The Royal series on ITV, a light hearted series about a Yorkshire Cottage Hospital in the sixties, had an offshore radio theme tonight.

Set against the colourful tapestry of the swinging sixties, the final series of The Royal continues with more conflict and jeopardy at St Aidan’s Royal Free Hospital. In this week’s episode, Dead Air, regular cast members Robert Daws, Amy Robbins, Linda Armstrong, Michelle Hardwick, Glynis Barber, Gareth Hale and Wendy Craig are joined by guest star Prunella Scales. Lizzie (Hardwick) and Carol (Diana May) give Faye (Lauren Drummond) a makeover in readiness for a girls’ night out aboard the pirate radio ship Neptune. Lizzie promises theatre
technician Alun (Andy Wear) that she will help boost his dream of becoming a rock star by getting star DJ Lenny Lomax (Guy Burnet) to play his 7” single. While on the Neptune, the girls find themselves unwittingly embroiled in a siege when the skipper steals the radio station’s transmitter and an innocent victim on board ends up getting shot. Luckily, Lizzie manages to fix the radio and sends out an SOS, and Dr Ormerod (Daws) and Dr Ellis (Neil McDermott) head out to the boat to rescue the injured captives. Elsewhere, Dr Ormerod and Dr Weatherill (Robbins) have to deal with a case of a Girl Guide leader who mysteriously recovers from a stroke.

I have managed to capture some shots of the Radio Neptune shot off my small hand held video recorder.  They are not top quality but give you an idea of what the ship looked like.

  The visit by the nurses at the Royal to get Alan (one of the porters) record played, ended up with the crew mutineering with goods, and the only DJ shooting the tender captain.  We assume this was the end of that offshore pirate!   Well done Yorkshire TV for giving us anoraks something to talk about!   Also the girl who was a girl guide was Kirsty in Coronation Street. The hospital administrator was the Mitchell Girls’ mother in East Enders.  All in all a little corny but an interesting concept.

Last week when we were visiting friends my attention was drawn to this female Stag Beetle.   I have never seen anything like this in my garden!

Now for some LP covers seen recently

This is an example of one of the cheaper Music for Pleasure  LP covers – it looked like you were getting the original music but it was just clever packaging.  Having said that some of the recordings were superb value .

Tom Jones -was a star in the 60s and continues to make recordings to this day.  This is the cover of one of his earlier albums

Barbara Streisand must wish she was like this today – this album cover is relevant to the title but not exactly in fashion today!

This was the way to sell cover copies of hit songs, put a young lady on the front with nothing on her top half, but facing away from you .  A consolation prize for buying naff copies of original songs.  Mind you I can remember in the early sixties not being able to afford singles and albums with my pocket money!


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