Monday Pictorial Musings

A little while ago I posted an item on this blog saying that we have not had much rain.  Sorry about that but we have since been though a week or so of rain and showers.  Today however it eventually produced a lovely sunny afternoon in the South of England.  This reminds me of a song by Johnny Nash that I was fond of on a holiday many years ago in a very wet and rainy Wales!

This week I found some interesting old albums in local charity shops

As a young lad I used to sit and quite enjoy the Black and White Minstrel Show.  Believe it or not there were not many pop artists on television in the 1960s.  There would always be a pop singer on this programme at some point.  Of course now white men dressing up as black minstrels would not be politically correct.  It is a pity that this show has not been re-introduced.  I would love to see a new generation suffering the old music hall songs and waiting for say Lady Gaga to do her turn!  It could be put on TV on a Saturday in place of the many Britains’s Got Talent, and Simon Cowell spin offs!   Definitely put it on instead of Casualty, who wants to sit and watch people feeling ill, being ill, and having accidents?

This is Soul was a definite collection that got your blogger into Soul Music in a big way.  Just the sight of this album sets me dancing!

Kenny Everett is one of my all time favourites and this album contains some really intentionally funny and gross songs of all time.  

This album has a bizarre cover – not sure what the content is like at all.  Lots of instrumental albums in the 60s and 70s had lovely ladies on the front.  Fontana was a good record label for artists as well.

I was introduced to Mrs Mills in the early sixties when I acquired a large collection of albums and singles.  One was Pretty Flamingo by Manfred Man, and there were also some Beatles Albums.  One of Mrs Mills we had was some sort of Party Album but it had not front sleeve, just the inner label

Finally something we all wish would happen occasionally in our lives “Stop the World I Want to Get off

Finally on this subject an enterprising volunteer has written out this notice to entice shoppers to buy cds – an interesting unintentional mistake here!

In the wet weather I saw a Land Rover parked with this amazing personalised number plate 

I also saw this strange insect on the ground whilst waiting for a bus in the lovely hot weather a while back. Can any blog visitor classify this for me please?  Post a comment if you know what it is – all suggestions (clean) welcome.

Finally I heard Chris Evans on his breakfast show today announce that he will be playing the 10 most important tunes on his show over the next 2 weeks.  Chris is an excellent replacement for Terry Wogan, and really does try hard to present an entertaining show, without too much shouting!


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