Review of the Monkees Concert 19th May Royal Albert Hall

My wife has been a Monkees fan since the 1960s, and attended their concerts then as well.  She was chuffed to find out that they were on tour again to celebrate 45 years in the business.  We have both seen them before in recent years, and once with Mike Nesmith as well.

When we arrived to take up the seats we had booked, which were marked limited leg room, we were horrified to find that there were some safety bars that prevented us from having a view of the stage. The steward listened to my comment about this, and said he would have a word with the chief steward.  She came to us quite quickly and immediately offered us front seats in a tier box.  These were superb and we had a very close view of everything on the stage.

The concert was well produced, professional and held my attention throughout, and all the people around me were enjoying the music as well.

The concert started off with the backing band playing an excellent collection of instrumental intros to many of the Monkees hits.  The backing band were superb throughout the show.  There was a chap on the keyboards who played exceptionally well. A chap who strummed excitedly at his guitar, a chap who played an excellent bass guitar, also a lead guitarist. The drummer and lead guitarist were dressed in grey suits A lady who played keyboards, a flute and saxophone. There were also two chaps who alternated between bongo drums, trumpet, shaker and saxophone.  The drummer was awesome and even managed to twirl his drumsticks without dropping them whilst hammering out a memorable performance.

There was extensive use of filmed extracts from the Monkees past.  I thought that the keyboards on “I’m a Believer” and rendition of my favourite song “Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” could have been more prominent.  Stand out performances by Peter Tork, who wore an excellent sixties coat.  Davy Jones danced with his wife to one number.  Also his  daughter did a belly dance during part of the show.  

Micky, Davy and Peter were at ease on the stage and all gave a staggering performance. Micky played drums and percussion.  Peter played keyboard and guitar, plus a french horn, Davy played guitar and drums at one stage.  All three of them also played tambourine etc as well as singing .

Peter Tork took the lead on many songs, and did splendid work on those normally sung by Mike Nesmith who was not there. Peter did far more lead singing than he has ever done in previous concerts.  He  recovered from cancer a while back and certainly looked like he was enjoying life to the full, and gave a staggering energetic performance. They dedicated “Circle Sky” to Mike.  My wife said that she did not think that the “Circle Sky” was as good as she had heard it in other live performances.

Thanks to the trio for making this an evening to remember.  They even walked into the audience at times, and shook hands with fans as they left the stage.

This may be the last tour they do. These golden oldies have proved they can still sing and dance!  Here’s to more tours if they can make them!


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